Institute for Professional Studies: Supply Chain Management

B.A. in Supply Chain Management

In organizations and companies around the world, supply chain management ensures that products and services get to customers efficiently while maximizing the return for both investors and clients. Every industry needs trained business professionals to manage their supply chain functions—transportation, materials management, procurement, warehousing, and quality control.

Avila’s faculty and staff offer decades of experience in national and international business organizations. Our small classes mean you will receive individualized instruction directly from your professors. To fit your schedule, classes are offered in a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous formats so you can tackle your coursework when it works for you. And our robust remote learning solutions connect you with your instructor and classmates easily, wherever you are.

Set your own pace—each session runs 8-weeks in a hybrid format of online and on-campus classes. Scheduled throughout the year you can start at any time and to progress according to your personal schedule.

Quickly move through the courses on your own terms and finish your degree at the speed of life.

Careers in Supply Chain Management

Kansas City’s long history as a crossroads for national business supply chains and the increasing prevalence of wholesale shipping means that careers in this field will continue to be in high demand. Working adults not only leave our program prepared academically, but they also benefit from the network of connections of their instructors. Careers include:

  • Materials Planners / Buyers
  • Sourcing Analysts
  • Transportation Coordinators
  • Logistics Analysts
  • Inventory Contollers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Forecast Analysts
  • Supply Chain Analysts


From the list above, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides data for the position of Logistician, which is defined as someone who analyzes and coordinates an organization’s supply chain.

The BLS reported in June 2020 that the median salary for a Logistician was $76,270 with a Bachelor’s degree. The job outlook through 2029 is 4% growth/employment change or 8,200 jobs.

Employment site Glassdoor reported in January 2018, that the median salary for a Logistician in Kansas City was $63,023 based on the submission of 21 salaries.

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