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2022 Campus Climate Survey Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Avila conducting this survey? 

At Avila, diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to our mission, our values, and our success. We are conducting the Campus Climate Survey to assess whether our values are reflected in the daily experiences of students, staff, and faculty, in order to better understand the challenges of creating an environment that is respectful and inclusive for all. The questions in the survey will ask you to respond honestly, as a member of this community, and share your personal experiences and observations related to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion on our campus. The survey data collected will guide our process for diversity strategic planning in specific and tangible ways, including campus policies, priorities, and distribution of resources.

Why should I take this survey? 

The climate survey provides an opportunity to tell stories about your experiences and tell us what specific things need to change to make Avila a more welcoming and inclusive place for all. Although the survey is voluntary, in order for the data to be meaningful we need responses from a representative cross-section of the Avila community.

Your response to the survey is important. Each of us plays an important role in creating an inclusive environment that is respectful to all. Your participation in this survey and engagement going forward is essential to the university’s overall strategy for addressing these important issues. 

What kinds of questions are asked in the survey?

The survey includes questions that will help us understand how peoples’ social identities shape their experiences of belonging at Avila—including (but not limited to): race/ethnicity, gender identity (e.g., woman, man, transgender, gender non-conforming), socioeconomic class background, sexual orientation/identity, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, religion or spiritual belief, and political beliefs. We want your honest reflections on interactions with others on campus, your experiences in classrooms and labs, schools/colleges, and workplace environments. You may skip any questions that you prefer not to answer. The survey includes some open-ended questions to enable you to share your experiences, perceptions, and ideas in your own words. 

Who is being asked to complete the survey?

All members of the university community (all students, faculty, staff, adjuncts, and administrators) are being asked to participate and make their voices heard.  

How will the survey be administered?

You will receive an email containing a link to our Campus Climate Survey on Monday, Feb 28th. Avila University is collaborating with the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS) to administer the HEDS Diversity and Equity Campus Climate Survey.

Will it be accessible to students with visual and other disabilities?

The survey platform, Qualtrics, is compatible with screen reader software.  If you are concerned about your ability to take the survey, please contact or   

What about confidentiality—will my name be associated with my responses? 

The purpose of this survey is to analyze trends and patterns in the experiences of people across our community, so the University is not interested in using this survey to analyze individual people at Avila. Your survey responses are confidential (to the extent allowed by law and university policy) and will be analyzed only after being grouped together with those of other students and employees. No individuals will be identifiable in any reports, presentations, or publications on the results. Names will not be linked to responses.

Is taking this survey required?

Your participation is voluntary. Whether you choose or decline to take the survey will in no way affect your standing at Avila. Individuals who have not responded will receive reminders after the initial invitation goes out to ensure a high response rate. Achieving the highest possible response rate is key to reliability of the results. While no one is under any obligation to participate, we strongly encourage participation because the greater the level of participation, the more useful the survey results will be. By completing the survey, you are consenting to participate in the study.

How long does the survey take?

On average, the survey should take 10-15 minutes to complete. You may skip any questions that you prefer not to answer. 

What will Avila do with the results?

A team of researchers from the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS), will analyze the survey responses. A summary report will be released to the university community in the Fall of 2022. This report and the survey data collected will guide the University’s process for diversity strategic planning in specific, tangible, and impactful ways, including campus policies, priorities, and distribution of resources.

Are there any incentives for participating?

In order to encourage participation, respondents who complete the survey will be given an opportunity to complete a separate survey to be entered into a random drawing to win one of a number of prizes, including gift cards, t-shirts, and swag bags. 

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