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Graduate Psychology Online Application

You are about to begin applying for the Graduate Psychology program.  Before you do we want you to know a few things about this application.
  • If the application remains dormant or inactive for longer than 15-20 minutes it will timeout and you will have to begin again.
  • The application saves as you move from page to page, there is no "Submit" button.  When you are done you will arrive at a checklist page informing you of other steps that need to occur.
  • Have your résumé ready for uploading to avoid the timeout issue.
  • Have your letter of intent ready for uploading to avoid the timeout issue. 
    NOTE: This letter serves as your writing sample.  Be sure that your letter is well-written, edited and approximately 500-750 words long.  Consider including comments on the following: your motivation for graduate study, your personal strengths and skills as they relate to academic success in graduate school, and how you think your career and academic goals will be supported by the experience of an education at Avila University.
  • Print or save the check list page and feel free to use the contact information if you have questions.
If you have technical questions, concerns, or comments, please email support.

I Am Ready To Start The Application