Who’s Who

Charlie Anderson

Charlie Anderson, with a heart as radiant as stage lights, is currently experiencing the thrilling journey of her first role at Avila University. 

Tori Bestor

Tori Bestor is a sophomore at Avila. She is a dual acting performance and design and tech major. She was last seen in The Laramie Project this past fall. Other Avila credits include Measure for Measure as Friar Thomas, the messenger, and other ensemble roles; She Loves Me as ensemble. She would like to thank her parents for supporting her and her sister for helping her with her work.  

Gaby Dawn

Gaby Dawn, a junior, is Eurydice in this production. Although this is her 11th show at Avila this is her first lead role here. She is also an Assistant Paint Charge for our show and loves to be a part of both worlds.  She has played in The Laramie Project, as Myra in Hay Fever, Abhorson in Measure for Measure, and more. She would like to thank Matt, Jackson, Book Club, and her family for being her ‘stones’. She hopes you love this show as much as she does. 

Abigail Dearing

Abigail Dearing is a Junior at Avila. She is pursuing her B.F.A in Theatre Design, Tech, and Management. Abigail is the props designer for this production. Some of her previous credits include scenic and digital media designer for The Laramie Project, co-digital media designer for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, and sound designer for Hay Fever. Eurydice is her eleventh show at Avila, and she is very excited to participate in future shows.”  

Gabriella Fast

Gabriella Fast is a senior, she is a Theatre Technology & Management major at Avila University, her focus being stage management and she is the Stage manager for Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice. She has assisted stage managed for Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, and Joe Masteroff’s ‘She Loves Me’ in 2023 at Avila. She liked to thank Trevor Belt for encouraging her through her journey of stage management. 

Eleanor Frances

Eleanor Frances is in her final year at Avila. She is a Technical Theater and Designer Major with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. This is her 10th show here. For Eurydice, she is the lighting designer. Eleanor’s past credits have included stage managing The Laramie Project and She Loves Me, assistant stage-managing Sylvia and Clue, being an assistant lighting designer and run crew for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, for RENT and She Loves Me she was a board operator, and for Hay Fever she was the props designer. Eleanor would like to thank her family for coming to support her.  

Miriam Gleeson

Miriam Gleeson is a junior at Avila! Her major is Radiologic Science, but her love of theatre keeps her coming back to production involvement. She has worked extensively backstage for Hay Fever, She Loves Me!, Measure for Measure, Clue, RENT, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, and The Imaginary Cuckold in the past. She also played several parts in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime and was an ensemble soloist in RENT. She’s very grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the technical aspects of this production.   

Kyle Hammond

This is Kyle Hammond’s fifth and sadly final show here at Avila University. With previous shows including Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, CLUE, Measure for Measure, and The Laramie Project. Kyle has been both blessed and honored to have been given the role of Eurydice’s Father in this show. This hopefully will also be his final semester of college. Having previously attended Metropolitan Community College-Longview for 2.5 years, Kyle has spent the last five semesters slowly honing his skills and preparing himself for what the world of acting and just life in general have in store for him. “I’d like to thank every student that I have attended Avila with and gotten to know along the way as well as all of my teachers/directors. Thank you for putting your time, effort, and resources into me. Thank you for guiding me through this roller coaster ride of Play productions, classes, and technical aspects of theatre like scenic and lights. And above all, thank you for helping me to grow not just as an actor, but as a better version of myself than I was when I arrived. I love you all and I’m proud of all the amazing things we’ve accomplished together. And to those who still have time here before they graduate, Break a Leg.  

Kelsey Harms

Kelsey Harms is on the carpentry crew, paint crew, costume crew, and the wardrobe supervisor. Kelsey is a junior majoring in Design and Technology. Previous productions she has worked on include: The Imaginary Cuckold (2021), The Curious Incident of The Dog of The Night-Time (2022), RENT (2022), CLUE (2022), Measure for Measure (2023), She Loves Me (2023), Hay Fever (2023), and The Laramie Project (2023). She would like to thank her peers and friends for being there to help her grow as a future theatre-maker!  

Jazmin Havens

Jazmin Havens is a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre here at Avila. For this show she holds the role of a member of the Stone Chorus as well as the Master Carpenter for this wonderful show. She hopes you enjoy it and remember, to act like a stone.  

Ari Hernandez

Ari Hernandez is a senior directing/producing major at Avila University and is acting as both Sound Designer and Scenic Charge Artist for Eurydice. Ari has previously sound designed for Measure for Measure and has been scenic charge for The Laramie Project, Measure for Measure, She Loves Me, and Rent. Ari is excited for Eurydice and happy to know they’ll end the senior year with some great shows. Special thanks to all the faculty, family, and friends who have supported Ari through this crazy year. 

Nathan Hummell

Nathan Hummell is a freshman at Avila, and he plays the Big Stone! This is his third show at Avila and cannot wait for you to experience this weirdness!  

Mariah Masterson

Mariah Masterson is a freshman at Avila University working on her BFA in Acting with a concentration in Musical Theater. This is her second show at Avila and enjoys what she does. She’d like to thank her father, grandmother, Angel, and her cat for being the support she always appreciates.  

Ari Hernandez

 Zaria Redick, a first-year student at Avila University, majoring in Musical Theatre. This is her third time being part of a production at Avila. Before, she acted as Sorrel in Hay Fever and was a part of the costume crew for The Laramie Project. Presently, she is working as the Assistant Stage Manager for Eurydice and is a part of the costume crew. She is eagerly looking forward to witnessing what each person contributes to the production. 

El Loesch

El Loesch is a freshman, and this is their second time on stage and third production here at Avila. They will be playing the Nasty Interesting Man/Lord of the Underworld. They are also part of the electrics, paint, and carpentry crews. They would like to thank their guinea pig, Princess Stella.  

 John Dylon Rohr

 John Dylon Rohr is the Assistant Professor of Theatre Design and Technology here at Avila University, where he also serves as technical director for all AU productions. John’s primary design area is the scenery; his previous AU credits include Measure for Measure and Voices. Professionally, he scenic designs in the Kansas City area at large, as well as regionally in the Midwest. John is so thankful to work with an incredible faculty and staff and is blessed with the most incredible students in the world. Love and art. 

Tucker Rushing

Tucker Rushing is the Assistant Lighting Designer, Head Electrician, and understudy for Orpheus. This is Tucker’s first assistant design position, and he is excited and terrified it is with such a fascinating show. Tucker has been an electrician on several shows including The Laramie project, Hay Fever, Clue, RENT, and more. He has also been onstage as a company member in The Laramie Project, Simon in Hay Fever, George in She Loves Me, Claudio in Measure for Measure and more. Tucker would like to thank his friends and family for their constant support and the color blue for always being cool.   

Matt Schwader Harbor

Matt Schwader Harbor is a professor of theatre and the Director of Performance Studies at Avila University. Along with “Eurydice” he has directed “Hay Fever,” “Measure for Measure,” “The Imaginary Cuckold,” “Twenty20s,” “War of the Worlds,” and “The Diary of Anne Frank,” all for Avila University. A seasoned professional actor since 1998, he has appeared on notable stages, including the Goodman and Chicago Shakespeare theatres, Indiana Repertory Theatre, ACT Theatre of Seattle, and many more. His repertoire spans internationally, from the Royal Shakespeare Theatre to performances in Mozambique. Some favorite roles include Hamlet, Henry V, and Raskolnikov in “Crime and Punishment” during his time as a Core Acting Company member with American Players Theatre. Recent professional highlights include playing Jack in The Old Globe Theatre’s “The Importance of Being Earnest,” Shakespeare in “Shakespeare in Love” at the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival and directing “The Pests” as well as serving as an artistic board member for Kansas City Actors Theatre. Matt holds an MFA from the University of Delaware and is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and Actors Equity Association.

Shannon Smith-Regnier

Shannon Smith-Regnier is a Kansas City based costume Designer and adjunct professor of theatre at Avila University. She received her MFA in Costume Design from Ohio University as well as her BFA from Wichita State University.  She Interned with Martin Pakledinaz on the Broadway revival of “Anything Goes” (2011, NYC). Some KC design credits include: Spinning Tree Theater, Theatre in the Park, Kansas City Regional Theatre, KCAT, Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre, Quality Hill, and the American Heartland Theater. She has also guest designed at Kansas University and Wichita State University. She worked as a stitcher in the costume shop at Glimmerglass Opera for two summers and has also designed and worked in the shop and on wardrobe many summers with Music Theater of Wichita.  In 2011, she received the Zelma Weisfeld award from USITT (US Institute of Theatre Technology) for her costume designs. (www.shannonlynnsmith.com)    

Ta’ja Snipes

Ta’ja Snipes is a Junior studying Design Technology & Management at Avila University.  Ta’ja served as the Scenic Designer for “Eurydice”. As well as a member of the carpentry and paint crew. Her previous work includes Sound Designer for “The Laramie Project” (2023) Scenic Charge Artist for, “Hay Fever”(2023), Scenic Designer for “She Loves Me” (2023), and many more. Ta’ja would like to thank her circle of friends and family for their endless support!   

Alex Valdez

Alex Valdez is a second-year, Film major and Theater Minor. He has been working as a crew member at Avila for five shows. For Eurydice, he is on the Carpentry and Paint Crew, he is also the A2 for the show as well as the Front of house Manager.  

Roy Williams

Roy Williams is a Freshman at Avila University and  is looking to pursue a career in acting and music. This is Roy’s first show of his college career. Roy looks forward to the continuation of growth in the Avila community. Roy has previously play Willy Wonka in Bishop Ward High School’s presentation of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. He has also been a part of “ Hay Fever” and “The Laramie Project” as an understudy and crew member. Roy is very dedicated and passionate about acting and music, which he believes is his calling from God. “ Love God, Love people,” as he would say. Roy believes that his impact on the community will lead people closer to Christ.  

Nick Youngblood

Nick Youngblood is a 19-year-old freshman from Las Vegas Nevada  and attends Avila University. Prior to attending Avila, Nick had never acted in his life. Eurydice is his first premiere show, and he is cast as Orpheus. Nick has helped with carpentry for Laramie project and Hay fever. Nick is also on scholarship and plays receiver on the football team at Avila university. He intends to pursue his dreams of playing in the NFL, but also wants to make a career in film as an actor.  

Day Zamora

Day Zamora is an actor who has played many roles throughout their career. They are a senior at Avila and have been seen in RENT as Benny and David Bliss in Hay Fever. They would like to thank their fiancé, book club members, and faculty for always being there when they needed them.   

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