Writing Center FAQs

What kind of projects can I bring to the Writing Center?

Virtually anything that has a writing component can be brought to the Writing Center: course papers, lab reports, resumes, scholarship applications, presentations, the list goes on. If you are unsure about whether your project is appropriate, write to us at WritingCenter@avila.edu or drop by during walk-in hours.

Does my project have to be finished?

You don’t even have to have anything written in order to come to the Writing Center. We will assist you at any stage: interpreting the assignment, brainstorming, organizing your research, outlining, revising, proofreading, etc.

Do I need to print out my paper in advance?

It is helpful to have a printed copy of the document, but you and the tutor can also look at it on your own computer or tablet or one supplied by the tutoring center.

Can I drop off my paper and pick it up later?

Right now, the writing center only conducts synchronous consultations, but we offer both in-person and online options.

Do I have to have an appointment?

During the regular Fall and Spring terms, you can drop by during our scheduled walk-in hours. During the summer, consultations are by appointment only.

Can I bring my friend or classmate’s paper in?

We can only work with the author of the given project. If you have a friend or classmate who is struggling to find an appointment that works for their schedule, please encourage them to write to us at WritingCenter@avila.edu.

Can the Writing Center help with group projects?

Yes! It is best if all members of the group attend the consultation, but only one member needs to make the reservation.

Why do we have both a Writing Center and a Tutoring Center?

Writing is a very special kind of work that poses its own difficulties no matter which subject you are writing about. In the Writing Center, you will find specialists who are devoted to researching and teaching this particular skill, who understand concepts like invention, revision, and proofreading and the details of grammar and academic citation methods. They can assist you with the process of writing no matter what topic you are writing about. In the tutoring center, on the other hand, you will find other students who can assist you in understanding the content of specific courses and fields (such as math or psychology) and developing strategies for succeeding on homework and tests. At Avila, however, these services work closely together, and if you are unsure about who you should be talking to, you can just come by the Learning Commons or write to WritingCenter@avila.edu and ask!

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