Career Services

Mission. Values. Goals.

Our Mission

The mission of Avila University Career Services is to serve Avila’s students, alumni, and community with comprehensive preparation, inclusive opportunities, and professional partnerships to help build lifelong careers in the local and global community.

Our Values

Leaning into the Avila Community Values, the Career Services department is dedicated to the worth, dignity, and potential of each human being and the commitment to the continual growth of the whole person.

Our Goals

  • Create a supportive, safe, responsive, respectful, and equitable environment for cultivating individual growth.
  • Promote inclusive opportunities for students and alumni to actively participate and develop skills.
  • Encourage early career exploration and development to ensure support and value of the whole person. 
  • Assist in laying the foundation for students to become lifelong leaders in their local and global communities.
  • Enhance Career Readiness competencies for students to build professional identities.
  • Provide access of appropriate collaborations and connections to support career exploration in a dynamic, ever changing market.


Avila Career Services, Hodes Center #8, Office 105
11901 Wornall Road / Kansas City, Missouri 64145 / 816.501.2901

For all student employment opportunities, please use the email below
E: careers

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