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Plan Your Visit to the Archives

Before You Arrive

  • Consult our holdings – Search our catalogs and digital collections to determine relevant materials in our holdings.
  • Speak with the Archivist – A reference interview prior to your arrival can also assist in identifying materials that will be relevant to your research.
  • Schedule an appointment – For the health and safety of staff and visitors, please schedule an appointment with the Archivist prior to your arrival. Archival materials can be pulled before your arrival for easier access, and any special accommodations (such as the need to bring special equipment or a laptop for taking notes) can be planned for.
  • Fill out our Patron Registration Form

Reference Room Guidelines

Archival materials are, by their nature, rare, often irreplaceable, and sometimes fragile. The following precautions have been instituted to ensure these objects are protected:

To Safeguard Collections, please do NOT:

  • Bring food, drink, gum, or tobacco products into the Archives
  • Use pens or ink
  • Remove any records from the Reference Room

Reading Room Etiquette:

  • Store all backpacks, computer cases, handbags, coats and other personal belongings
  • Be considerate of others using space and refrain from loud or unnecessary conversation
  • Do not enter “Staff Only” areas

Careful Handling of Records:

  • Patrons may consult one box of materials at a time
  • Do not lean on, or trace from any records or use them as a support for writing
  • If you need to flag a page, paper will be provided to use as a bookmark
  • Please maintain the existing order of items in folders and document boxes. Documents must not be marked, rearranged, or removed from their covers
  • Inform staff if you wish to request copies of items. You may use your own camera, or staff can photocopy or digitize items for you (fees may apply)

NOTE: Access to some items may be restricted by their fragile condition or by contractual agreement with the donors, and it may not be possible at all times to provide appropriate machinery for reading, viewing or accessing non-print materials.

Reproduction Services

Patrons may use their cell phones to take photos of collection materials (no flash). All other reproduction from collections is handled by Archives staff, or outsourced to an approved vendor. By reproducing materials, the Archives is not granting permission to publish. For permission to publish, quote, broadcast, perform, or exhibit, please contact the Archivist. Additional publication fees may apply.

  • Onsite request (any size paper): $0.25 per page, minimum charge $1.00
  • Offsite request (any size paper): $0.50 per page, minimum charge $5.00
  • For large orders, an additional fee of: $5.00 per every 50 pages over the first 100 pages will be charged
Digital Scans (Documents, Photographs)
  • $10.00 (per 5 images)
  • Scans can be emailed free of cost provided they are less than 10 MB, or uploaded to Google Drive for transfer
  • Patron may also provide their own CD, DVD or USB Drive to transfer scanned images
Audio & Video

In most cases, a/v materials will need to be outsourced to a third party vendor for duplication. Check with the Archivist for availability and pricing.

We take payments of cash or check.

Copyright and Publication

The materials held in the Archives may be governed by the United States copyright law that took effect on January 1, 1978, and as since amended. This law reserves certain monopoly rights to the creators of intellectual property but permits limited “fair use” of that property in certain circumstances, including for the kinds of purposes typical of scholarship and research. The patron assumes full responsibility for securing any necessary permissions for the intended use of any record preserved in the Archives.

Permission to examine or to photocopy materials does not constitute permission to publish. Permission to publish must be secured prior to publication. Please contact the Archivist to obtain permission to publish (A copy of our Permission to Publish form can be found at this link). Additional fees may apply.

A copy of the published work should be provided to the Martha Smith, CSJ, PhD Archives & Research Center.

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