Strategic Communication Master's Program

Master of Strategic Communication and Strategic Communication Certificate

Master of Arts in Strategic Communication
Fuel the power for change through the mastery of strategic business communications. Through this communication master’s program you’ll:

  • Find continued success in your career
  • Become an engaged global citizen
  • Transform ideas into impact
  • Grasp complex communication challenges
  • Create, communicate, and implement strategies to overcome tomorrow’s challenges

Strategic Communication Courses

Avila’s M.A. in Strategic Communication curriculum:

  • Elevates the study of how to create purposeful information and share it, both on an interpersonal and organizational level using advanced strategic techniques and tactics.
  • Unites both the art and the science of persuasive communication.
  • Builds an advanced understanding of the need and how to engage all organizational stakeholders
  • Develops effective messaging strategies that reflect the integration of advertising, marketing, public relations, and branding initiatives using persuasion theory and best practices


Foundation Courses (21 credit hours)

BU 601 – Business, Government, & Society (3)
CO 511 – Strategic Communication Theory (3)
CO 552 – Strategic Communication & Leadership (3)
CO 591 – Communication Theory & Research Methods (3)
CO 632 – Strategic Communications & Social Media (3)

CO 698 – Professional Services Capstone (3) or
CO 699 – Research Based Capstone (3)

PY 612 – Advanced Cognitive Processes (3)


Elective Courses (12 credit hours)

Choose four courses from the list below:

CO 515 – Seminar in Integrated Marketing Communication (3)
CO 663 – Strategic Communications in Sports (3)
MG 622 – Organization Behavior & Development (3)
MK 611 – International Marketing (3)
MK 615 – Marketing Strategy (3)
HA 671 – Health Care Systems (3)
HA 673 – Special Problems in Health Care Management (3)




Strategic Communications Graduate Certificate
Keep on top of emerging strategies and tactics. Develop the skills to address the communication challenges and changes ahead as you earn a graduate-level certificate in strategic communications. All your courses apply toward Avila’s M.A. in Strategic Communications.

Students may earn a Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication  by completing 15 hours (5 – 3-hour credit courses) in the foundation coursework.

CO 552 – Introduction to Strategic Communication (3 credit hours)
CO 391/591 – Communication Theory and Research Methods (3 credit hours)
CO 545 – Strategic Communication and Leadership (3 credit hours)
CO 6XX – Strategic Communication and Social Media (3 credit hours)
BU 610 – Business, Government & Society (3 credit hours)

*Students in the Certificate Program will be considered part of the Master of Arts in Strategic Communication program.


Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications degree is also available through Avila University’s adult program. You can find information about this 100% online degree program here.

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