Department of Kinesiology: Master's Program

Move Your Career Up to the Next Level.

When you’re ready to take the next step in your career, Avila’s Kinesiology M.S. graduate program will prepare you to become a clinical leader in kinesiology, exercise science, strength and conditioning, and performance training. A Master’s of Science in Kinesiology is available to undergraduate students through either a 4 + 1 (undergraduate + graduate) program or in a traditional two-year path.

KN 518. Clinical Kinesiology with Lab. (3) 
Provides a solid foundation in neuromechanics and functional anatomy as they relate to both normal and abnormal movement. Prerequisite: BI 220 or equivalent with at least a “C” or graduate status. FA.

KN 519.  Biomechanics and Motion Analysis. (3) 
Study of forces and their effects on the body and its movement.  Biomechanical principles are applied to sport, exercise, and rehabilitation. Prerequisite: BI 220 with at least a “C” or graduate status. SP.

KN 520. Advanced Stress Physiology. (3) 
Examines the stress-response and effects of chronic psychological stress on various body systems. Prerequisite: Two 300+ level courses with at least a “C” or graduate status. FA.

KN 565. Strength and Conditioning Lab. (3) 
Provides aspiring strength and conditioning professionals a comprehensive “hands-on” experience applying exercise science, exercise testing and training, program design, and facility administration. Prerequisite: Graduate status. FA, SP, SU.

KN 581. Advanced Exercise Physiology. (3) 
An in-depth study of exercising muscle, cardiorespiratory function, exercise testing and training principles, and environmental influences on human performance. Prerequisite: BI 220 with at least a “C” or graduate status.  SP.

KN 627. Evidence-Based Practice. (3)
Introduces students to research methods and evidence-based practice in Kinesiology. Special emphasis is placed on critically reading research, establishing cause and effect, and translating research into effective practice. Corequisite: 300+ level Statistics course. FA.

KN 643. Statistics in Kinesiology. (3) 
Reviews basic concepts of measurement and evaluation in Kinesiology. Employs statistical software (e.g., SPSS) for data analysis, interpretation, and displaying of results.  Prerequisite: 300+ level Statistics course with a “C” or better. SP.

KN 676. Neurophysiology of Movement. (3) 
Integrates the neurophysiological concepts of motor learning (i.e. behavior) and motor control (i.e. neuromechanics) to better connect the mind and body for optimal performance. Prerequisites: KN 519 and KN 581 with a “C” or better. SU.

KN 680. Topics in Kinesiology. (1-3)
A review of current literature, critical issues, and selected problems related to exercise and sports science, health promotion, and sports management. Prerequisite: Graduate status. FA, SP, SU.

KN 682. Internship in Kinesiology. (1-3) 
An off-campus monitored work or service experience. Student interns are directed and evaluated by a faculty member with appropriate supervision by an on-site professional. Repeatable. Corequisite: KN 627. FA, SP, SU.

KN 699. Applied Research Project. (1-3) 
Develops skills in research design, research methods, and communication. Students complete a research paper and presentation on their topic of choice. Repeatable. Corequisite: KN 627. FA, SP, SU.



Gerald Larson, Ph.D., ACSM-CEP, NSCA-CSCS*D, Associate Professor and Program Director of Kinesiology
P: 816-501-3714 / E:

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