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Avila’s three-year degree program

Programs that offer the SwiftPace degree: Elementary Education, Kinesiology, and Communication

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SwiftPace Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree at Avila University is an innovative and accelerated educational pathway designed for high-achieving and committed students.

SwiftPace, aligned with our commitment to access, seamlessly aligns with our commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and holistic development, rooted in the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet’s mission. Our program recognizes the worth and potential of each individual, offering an efficient and rigorous curriculum tailored to meet the unique needs of our students.

With a focus on service and meaningful contributions to communities and global society, SwiftPace at Avila prepares students to enter the workforce or pursue advanced studies earlier than other four-year traditional programs.

The SwiftPace learner will be highly motivated, extremely efficient with their time, and have the ability to handle a full course load even in the summers.

If you’re a motivated and driven individual ready to embrace this exciting challenge, SwiftPace Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree at Avila University may be the perfect fit for you!

How Does SwiftPace Work?
  • Courses: These courses are exactly the same as those offered in other programs at Avila University; however, they are carefully sequenced to ensure continuous progress toward your degree. Depending on course availability, some courses may be either online or in-person.
  • Commitment: Since this is a highly-sequenced learning pathway, it’s crucial to stay on track. Completing your degree in 36 months requires full commitment from learners.
  • Rigor: We understand that life can be unpredictable. If students find it challenging to keep up with the pace, we are prepared to transition them into the traditional program, which allows for a more balanced course load.
  • Advising: One of our dedicated advisors is the point person for SwiftPace advising. The advisor will work with the student and program faculty to ensure those in the program stay on track.
What are the Benefits of SwiftPace?
  • Graduate Sooner: Avila University understands that the traditional four-year timeline to completion isn’t suitable for everyone. With SwiftPace, you can start new steps in your professional journey sooner, even if that includes graduate programs.
  • Increase Your Earning Potential: By completing your degree sooner, you could potentially increase your maximum lifetime earnings. Whether you’re aiming for advancement at your current employer or entering the workforce earlier, SwiftPace allows you to earn a higher salary more quickly.
  • Reduced Cost: Since this program includes three summers at full-time status, and since summer tuition is 30% less per credit, this means your tuition will be significantly less when compared to the traditional four-year pathway.

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SwiftPace Program Learning Outcomes

Advising: A professional advisor will play a central role in supporting students who opt into the three-year degree program. Working collaboratively with faculty and program chairs, the advisor will provide personalized advising and registration assistance, guiding students through course selection, degree planning, and academic goal-setting.

  • Students must meet the “Standard Acceptance” requirements AND have a cumulative HS GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale).
  • Students must have two letters of recommendation from a person who’s directly engaged them in an educational environment (e.g., counselor, teacher, principal, coach, etc.)
  • Students must sign the acknowledgement form included in the application.
  • Students must remain in good standing.
  • Students must take classes exactly as advised; deviations must be approved by the advisor.
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