An Immersive Intro to AI

From ethics to applications

This comprehensive program provides both a foundational introduction to AI as well as hands-on training in cutting-edge generative AI models.

We start by exploring the history and evolution of AI, including an introduction to core machine learning concepts. This provides the base knowledge needed to understand modern AI systems.

Next, we dive into generative AI, including an overview of major models like DALL-E and Whisper, and how to use them via APIs. Prompt engineering skills are developed to allow you to get the most out of these powerful models.

ChatGPT is covered in-depth, with guidance on prompt formulation strategies to improve results for text generation, information retrieval, and more. You’ll get hands-on experience interacting with ChatGPT.

Finally, we examine ethical considerations in applying AI, such as bias, explainability, privacy, and security. This equips you to use AI technologies responsibly.

By the end, you’ll have a 360-degree understanding of AI, from foundational machine learning to leveraging cutting-edge generative models, all grounded in ethical principles. The program provides the perfect blend of theory and hands-on practice.

Outcomes for Attendees:

  • Evaluate generative AI models and applications in terms of ethics, privacy, security, bias, and other considerations
  • Utilize prompt engineering strategies and OpenAI APIs to create outputs with DALL-E, Whisper, and other generative AI models.
  • Analyze the evolution of AI methods from early machine learning approaches to modern generative models like ChatGPT.


8 weeks – each week contains a 1-hour live session with faculty and weeklong asynchronous content and work. 

Spring 2024 Session
Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8
March 4-10March 11-17March 18 – 24March 25-31April 1-7April 8-14April 15-21April 22-28
Zoom March 6 – 6pmZoom March 13 – 6pmZoom March 20 – 6 pmZoom March 27 – 6pmZoom April 3 – 6pmZoom April 10 – 6pmZoom April 17 – 6pmZoom April 24 – 6pm


Raju Shreewastava is the Founder of Big Data Trunk ( a professional training services company) and CloudOpty (SaaS platform for cloud optimization) and has 25+ years of experience in design, development, maintenance, and enhancements of Data and AI solutions. Raju is the author of two books:

  • SQL Server 2016 High Availability Unleashed for Pearson publication
  • Perform Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure for Microsoft Press


$1500 per seat


Workforce Development
11901 Wornall Road / Kansas City

Hamzeh Ghosheh, Business Development Manager
P: 816.250.2688 / E: hamzeh.ghosheh

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