Notre Dame de Sion

Dual Credit Registration Form for Notre Dame de Sion High School Students

Spring 2023

Welcome to Avila University!  As a dual credit student from Notre Dame de Sion, you’ll have the opportunity to earn college credit while still enrolled in your high school.  After the successful completion of your course, you’ll be able to request a transcript from Avila showing your earned college credits. 

Please complete the following fields to register for one of the three Spring 2023 courses.  You’ll be sent instructions on how to access the payment portal to pay the $500 tuition.

Approximately 2-3 days after receiving your registration, an Avila representative will contact you via phone to securely collect your Social Security Number and provide you with your next steps.  If you have questions about this registration form, please contact the Avila University Office of the Registrar at 816-501-2410 or

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