Work Study at Avila

Finding Work Study Positions

Federal Work-Study provides part-time jobs for undergraduate students with financial needs.

  • It provides part-time employment while you are enrolled in school.
  • Students must complete a FAFSA and demonstrate financial need as defined by the Department of Education.
  • It’s available to full-time or part-time undergraduate students.
  • Check your eligibility with Financial Aid, ext. 3600 before contacting a supervisor for an interview

Below you’ll find available positions with job descriptions and contact information.

Open Positions on Campus

Fall 2023 Work Study Positions


Greeting clients of Feed Your Friends
Inform and guide clients on how Feed Your Friends works
Asking clients to sign in using the computer if they don’t do it automatically
o Some clients are unaware of our procedures or started using the pantry before we started to use the computer to sign up! Please remind them.
Answering any questions clients have
o If you do not know, direct them to the pantry coordinator: Anna Isaacs at
Restocking the pantry
o Overstock is on top of the shelves, as well as below (behind the curtains) and in the backroom
Processing incoming donations
Helping keep Feed Your Friends clean and organized
Checking baby section everyday and getting rid of expired items


Opening Procedures

Turn on all lights in the pantry
Make sure table, chairs, pamphlets, etc., are set up
Set up computer for client to sign in
Check donation bin in hallway
Clean and organize
Open the doors at the scheduled time

Closing Procedures

Clean and organize
o Take out any boxes to recycle
o Clean any mess left behind from a day of shopping
o The pantry should look fully stocked when you leave
o If we are running low on an item and you can’t fully restock the shelves, bring items to the front of the shelves
Make sure Feed Your Friends items are stored on/between shelves
o No items should be directly on the group (in main room, backroom, and hallway)


Be friendly, helpful, and open
No one using Feed Your Friends should be made to feel embarrassed
You may know some of the people who use the pantry from class or campus groups, in no way should they feel embarrassed to be using this resource



If any donations or pallets have come in, break them down and restock the shelves
Tidy up shelves and organize cans on shelves
Check to see if we are running low in anything, if we are, add it to the shopping list
o If you add anything to that list, send a message to the Coordinator on GroupMe to notify them
Clean the pantry
o Dust, or wipe down shelves
o Sweep the floors
Maintain backroom
o If the direct overstock (on top of and below shelves is low/out, please bring out overstock from the backroom and replace it. This helps keep items moving and clear the backroom for the monthly delivery.)


If there is nothing else to do, you may work on school work
School work may not be worked on while there are any clients in the space

Position Title:

Library Student Assistant

Number Available (for this position only): 5

Supervisor, Department:

Thomas Pfeifer,, 816-501-2912

Job Description:

One of the tasks of the student assistant is to be the public face of the Hooley Bundschu Library Learning Commons. Customer service skills are essential. On the job training is provided.

As a Student Assistant you will need to know how to effectively use databases, how to print, scan documents, check out books and laptops, answer and transfer phone. Students may be responsible for supervising and closing the library at the end of the day.

The library has several print & online collections that we maintain. Some of these collections are quite small, but each of them have their own location and rules. You will be trained where each of these collections are located and how to help other students find them. We use the Dewey Decimal system and a unique code for two other collections that you will assist students with as well as shelve and maintain order in it.

Books and databases are the mainstay of our collection. You will be trained in how order the library’s books and how to assist students to locate books in the Avila and Mobius Catalogues. We have subscriptions to over 30 databases which contain articles and videos. Once you have mastered the basics of a few of the databases you will be able to navigate the more nuanced databases. You will need to be able to help your fellow students in the basics of database searching. When you arrive at each shift you will be expected to be ready and able to help out patrons or complete projects.

Qualifications/Skills Needed:

If you love learning, are kind, have initiative, enjoy order and detail, are responsible, are comfortable working with computers and have great customer service skills helping the staff, faculty and student of Avila then the library may be a fabulous fit for you.

Typing skills, teamwork, self-motivation and a willingness to learn the library’s computer programs and resources is a must. Training will be provided on library technology & organization systems.

Desired Schedule/Approximate Hours per Week:

5-7 hours a week. These hours will be the same each week. Shifts will be a minimum of 2-3 hours at a time to allow sufficient work on projects. Students may not exceed their allotted number of hours in a semester. Hours vary, but evening availability is preferred.

Position Title:

Theatre Department Work-Study

Number Available (for this position only): 9

Supervisor, Department:

Prof. Matt Schwader Harbor, Theatre Department

Job Description:

ALL THEATRE WORK STUDY POSITIONS may involve additional duties in which assistance is required. This may include assisting the other theatre positions in their work from time to time.

Box Office Assistant

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to answering and returning patron phone calls and emails, handling ticket orders, printing and distributing tickets, updating event calendars and contact information, cleaning/organizing office, storage, and kitchen spaces; and/or many other duties around the theatre. Flexible hours. Monday – Friday. Between 8:30 am – 5 pm. Performance weekends/evenings required.

Production Office Assistant

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to assisting, developing, and/or maintaining contact lists of patrons, donors, and alumni; curating social media and e-newsletter content; set-up of display cases, bulletin boards, and lobby decorations; various production needs (i.e. program copy, box office assistance, etc.); distributing posters and PR materials; writing letters, making phone calls, and/or assembling packets to/for patrons, prospective students, community partners, etc.; cleaning/organizing theatre mailroom, production office, and green room; and/or many other duties around the theatre. Flexible hours. Monday – Friday. Between 7am – 7 pm. Some weekends are possible.

Scene/Costume Shop Assistant

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to building and painting sets; hanging lights; moving heavy objects; working with power tools, electronic equipment, and paint; sewing costumes; cleaning and organizing workspace/s and/or many other duties around the theatre. Flexible Hours. Mon – Fri. Hours generally between 1pm and 5pm. Some weekends may be available.

Qualifications/Skills Needed:

No experience is necessary. However, if you can hammer, paint, sew, and/or use excel/word that is great, that is a plus. Otherwise, we will train!

Desired Schedule/Approximate Hours per Week:

Flexible Hours. Mon – Fri.  Some weekends will be available. Most students average 4 to 10 hrs/week.

Position Title: Student Financial Aid- Student Assistant

Supervisor:  Ashley Squires, 816-501-3710,

Job Description:

Writing Center Peer Tutors work one-on-one with other students on writing projects, which may include course papers, resumes, and presentations. Peer tutors must commit to a consistent weekly schedule, be self-directed, and have a strong attention to detail.

Qualifications/Skills Needed:

The position demands excellent written and verbal communication and the ability to explain writing concepts (organization, grammar, thesis-writing) to others

Desired Schedule/Approximate Hours per week:

Peer tutors must commit to a consistent weekly schedule, be self-directed, and have a strong attention to detail.

Position Title: Sports Information Assistant

Supervisor:  Timothy Hackett

Job Description:

Assist the Sports Information Director with the execution of the Avila Athletics game day experience

Serve as an essential member of the Avila Athletics game day staff, assuming the responsibilities of any given crew member, including: PA announcer, play-by-play announcer, color analyst, official statistician, clock operator, live statistician, photographer, and broadcast producer.

Perform other duties outside of game days, such as the researching and writing of articles and features, planning and executing video stories, hosting and producing podcasts, editing photos, etc.

Qualifications/Skills Needed:

Prior experience in journalism, communications, marketing, production, and athletics is preferred.

Desire to gain more experience in any of the above fields is essential.

Desired Schedule/Approximate Hours per week:

Availability to work as many game days as possible is required; availability to work outside of game days preferred.

Work schedule is on an as-needed basis.

Position Title:

Undergraduate Admissions Office Assistant

Number Available (for this position only): 7-10

Supervisor, Department:

Lauren Larson, Campus Visit Coordinator,, 816-501-3603 as the point of contact.

Job Description:

Tasks and Requirements asked of the work-study student(s) in the Undergraduate Admissions office include, but are not limited to: Giving campus tours to prospective students and families, assisting admission representatives in contacting prospective students via text, email, or phone call. Addressing, sending, and receiving mail from the mailroom (located in our campus bookstore), participating in set-ups for admission events such as View AU or SOAR.

Occupying/working at the front desk and performing duties such as: answering the phone, greeting/assisting families and students with campus visit meetings/tours or questions, and escorting visiting students and families to their desired location on campus is a daily requirement that is asked.

Work-study students are a vital part of our office in admissions as they aid admission representatives in staying connected and organized with a large number of students we are in contact with throughout the year. In duties such as data entry that is a task asked of work-study student(s) to log (interactions with students, inquiries) in our database. Accuracy and integrity are expected to ensure accurate information is being recorded and that confidential information of students is protected.

We work as a team in our office and include work-study student(s) as a member of our admissions family. We encourage work study(s) students to be who they are while attaining professionalism and an adequate work ethic.

Qualifications/Skills Needed:

We are looking for someone who can be flexible in completing a variety of tasks and duties asked of them depending on the day. Someone eager to learn and assist students/families with positive helpful responses and/or solutions. Lastly, we are looking for a student who is outgoing and can share their Avila experience with pride to other students and families.

Desired Schedule/Approximate Hours per Week:

We expect our work-study students to abide by an agreed weekly schedule of 6-8 hours per week. Preferably shifts are those 6-8 hours dispersed into 2-3 days per week (Any time from 8 am-5 pm).  We do understand that schedules can become busy, especially depending on the time of the school year, and can adjust to be accommodating/flexible.

Position Title: Business Assistant

Supervisor:  Lisa Power,

Job Description:

This position will assist the Business Office staff in the administration of student billing, payments, and university accounts.

The primary duties and responsibilities of the position are:

  • -greet walk-in customers (students and staff)
  • -answer questions at the front desk and on the phone, referring students and staff to resources as necessary
  • -respond to office emails in a professional and helpful manner
  • -apply walk-in payments to the student, or university office, account
  • -assist staff with projects
  • -maintain complete confidentiality of students’ private, protected, and sensitive information

Qualifications/Skills Needed:

Basic use of computer systems; basic Excel and Word functions; excellent customer service skills; friendly, professional, and helpful manner; attention to detail;  able to maintain complete confidentiality of student information.

Desired Schedule/Approximate Hours per week:

Office is open M-F, 8am – 5pm. Minimum 2 hour work shift any time during office hours.  Greatest need is 11am – 2pm for coverage over lunch.

Position Title: Student Financial Aid- Student Assistant

Supervisor:  Dakneisha Beard, 816-501-3609,

Job Description:

This position will assist office staff in the administration of federal, state, and institutional aid in accordance with applicable regulations, assisting the students for the institution with their financial aid needs.  The following are primary duties and responsibilities of this position: Use and electronic filing system (ImageNow) to scan, greet and assist walk-ins, answering questions at the front desk and on the phone, respond to email inquiries in professional and helpful manner, applying payments to balances, data entry input of financial aid information, use a copy machine and fax machine, assist staff with special projects.

Qualifications/Skills Needed:

Computer literacy, excellent phone skills, helpful demeanor

Desired Schedule/Approximate Hours per week:

Must be able to work at least a 2-hour shift in order to relieve staff for lunch.  Office is open M-F, 8am- 5pm

Position Title: Registration & Student Records – Office Clerk

Supervisor:  Stephanie Sullivan, Registration & Student Records, 816-501-3611,

Job Description:  The Registration and Records Office is looking for a work study student to help with general clerical duties to include, but not limited to:  answering telephones, assisting walk-in traffic, photocopying, scanning, data entry, mailing and filing, and other duties as assigned by Registration staff.

Qualifications/Skills Needed:

  • Professional customer service skills and a positive attitude when speaking with the general public or other campus personnel.
  • Attention to detail to help maintain accurate records, good computer skills, and the ability to problem solve as needed.
  • Dependable, neatly dressed, good/consistent work habits, and the ability to work with a supervisor and/or independently when necessary.
  • Must be willing to learn office skills, Microsoft Office applications, and the campus student information system.
  • Must be able to maintain confidential information in a professional manner.
  • Available work hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. Hours and schedule can be adjusted to accommodate class schedules.

Desired Schedule/Approximate Hours per week: 5-10 hours/week: Regular schedule to allow for budgeting of time efficiently

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