An original work, devised and performed by students in Avila University’s School of Performing Arts

November 19-21 at 7:00 pm
November 22 at 2 pm

Live streaming via Zoom. You will need to reserve a ticket at to receive the Zoom invitation/link.



Adults – Free
Students – Two complimentary tickets

To reserve tickets and receive a Zoom link, please contact our Box Office via telephone at 816.501.3699 or email at

Writers’ Ensemble

Olyvia Anothayanontha, Danielle Adcock, Ariana Hernandez, Rachel Howard, Izaak Kimsey, Christian Lucas, Drake Mahurin, Jessica Michael, Eli Peach, Sierra Salazar, Tyrrence Walker, Adrianna Wendel, Taylor Williams, Lynn Winkler

Vignettes/Performance Ensemble

Mental Health BarbieAdrianna Wendel
This is Our StoryPerformance Ensemble
Trapped AwayJessica Michael, Kaitlyn White
Coming OutStephanie Hatesohl, Lynn Wrinkler
Hazmat HarryRichard Bertoldie
DisquietudeIzaak Kimsey, Rachel Howard, Tyler Lindquist, Drake Mahurin, and Tyrrence Walker
Sea of TwilightDanielle Adcock, Isabella Brauner, Daniel Hicks
Truckin’ to the MoviesGarland Moore, Ariana Hernandez, Tyler Lindquist, and Taylor Williams
HeadspaceDaniel Hicks
Memory 2020; A ParodyJessica Michael
Whiskey BreathOlyvia Anothayanontha
Dramaturgy PresentationEli Peach, Hannah Zimmerman
Privilege and ColorismAriana Hernandez, Christian Lucas, Garland Moore, Rachel Howard, Taylor Williams, Kaitlyn White, Richard Bertoldie, and Tyrrence Walker
Hello?Christian Lucas
PoliceGarland Moore, Christian Lucas
My SkinTaylor Williams

Production Staff

DirectorMatt Schwader Harbor
Assistant DirectorJacy Beeler
DramaturgEli Peach
Scenic DesignerKatie Hammell
Costume DesignerShannon Smith Regnier
Lighting Designer
Sound DesignerEli Peach
Digital Media DesignersHannah Zimmerman, Katie Hammell
Properties DesignerIsabella Brauner
Stage ManagersJacy Beeler, Tinna Rivera
Assistant Stage ManagerStephanie Hatesohl
Technical Director
Assistant Costume DesignerKaitlyn White
Assistant Lighting DesignerHannah Zimmerman
Assistant Sound DesignerTinna Rivera
Box Office SupervisorAlexandra Pilley

Production Crew

Digital Backgrounds Charge ArtistAdrianna Wendel
Production OfficeTinna Rivera, Adrianna Wendel, Matt Schwader Harbor, Ashlin Vasquez, and Davin Zamora
Props CrewIzaak Kimsey, Davin Zamora, and Ariana Givens
CarpentersRichard Bertoldie, Christian Lucas, Tyler Lindquist,
and Talia Hinckley
CostumesKaitlyn White, Danielle Adcock, and Olyvia Anothayanontha
ElectricsDamian Hawes, Hannah Zimmerman
Music creditsGobi Berry Beat By Nana Kwabena
No. 4 Piano Journey By Esther Abrami
Deep River (Instrumental) By Golden Gate Quartet
It Is Well Arranged and performed by Susan Peach
News Clip SourcesCNN, Global News, WHO, Good Morning America, NBC, CNBC, WCCO, Nightly News (NBC), CBS This Morning, DW News, ABC, Daily Caller, Late Night With Seth Meyers (NBC), CBS, KHOU 11, Today Show (NBC), Twitter: @TheRealCoryElia, Ruptly, Channel 4 News, Fox 9

Performing Arts Faculty

Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesDr. Charlene Gould
Chair of Performing ArtsDr. Amity Bryson
Director of Performance StudiesMatt Schwader Harbor
Director of Design and Technology
Artist in ResidenceDr. Michalis Koutsoupides
Adjunct FacultyDr. Kelly Morel
Jim Fletcher
Hope Goertzen
Nicole Green
Manon Halliburton
John Livingston
Gene Mackey
Dr. Daniel Morel
Andy Perkins
Kristina Ruf
Shannon Smith-Regnier
William Warren
Alexandra Pilley

Special Acknowledgments

Maintenance and Housekeeping
Office of Advancement
Office of Marketing and Communication
Pattie Robertson
Belinda Troxler and Bob Crow

A very special thank you to Dr. Amity Bryson, Mary Hayes, Carol K. Coburn, Ph.D., and Heather Noble, Ph.D.

Director’s Notes

Young people stepping into adulthood and their 20s experience so much personal transformation. We all wrangle with relationships, finances, education, employment, mental and physical health, even our own identities during this exciting and often challenging period of our lives. With mammoth cultural shifts brought on by social media, greater exposure of social injustices, an environmental breaking point, political tensions at an epic level, and a global pandemic, there has never quite been a moment like this for college students in America.

When we began this endeavor, we had only a few guiding principles. Chief among them was that this production would be entirely student written, student developed, and student executed. While the art of theatre is ephemeral in nature, it also has the power to capture that which the history books often do not. Foregoing a more traditional narrative form for a more expressionistic series of vignettes, Twenty20s is a genuine, authentic reflection of life from the perspective of these young Americans as they attempt to navigate adulthood in 2020 — their fears, their joys, their struggles, and their hopes. This is their story.

Headshot of Matt Schwader Harbor
Matt Schwader Harbor
Director of Performance Studies/Director
Headshot of Shannon Smith Regnier
Shannon Smith Regnier
Adjunct Professor of Theatre/Costume Designer

Who’s Who

Danielle Adcock

Hometown: Holton, KS
High School: Holton High
Avila University: Freshman
Major: Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a concentration in Musical Theatre

Something you love? “I love to play my ukulele”

Olyvia Anothayanontha

Hometown: Shawnee, KS
High School: Shawnee Mission Northwest
Avila University: Senior
Major: Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a concentration in Acting

Something you love? “I absolutely love the show Friends. I have watched it since I was very little. I remember my dad bringing home the seasons from the store that had just come out, and we would binge-watch them together. The show carries a lot of love, laughter, and nostalgia for me.”

Jacy Beeler

Hometown: Joplin, MO
High School: Joplin High
Avila University: Sophomore/Year 2
Major/Concentration: Theatre, Directing/Producing

Something you love? “I’m a HUGE fan of sci-fi movie subplots about scientists!”

Richard Bertoldie

Hometown: Marshfield, MO
High school: Marshfield High School
Avila University: Sophomore
Major: Acting + Directing/Producing, Music Minor

Something you love? “I love the Performing Arts family here at Avila – the faculty, the students, everyone. The School of Performing Arts is a blessing for me.”

Isabella Brauner

Hometown: Kansas City
High school: The Name of Jesus Academy
Avila University: Second Year
Major: Theater and Special Ed double major

Something you love? “I love the ocean and was seriously considering a career in Marine Biology!”

Katie Hammell

Hometown: Leavenworth, KS
High School: Leavenworth High
Avila University: Senior
Major: Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a concentration in Design and Technology

Something you love? “I love knitting and doing crafts”

Stephanie Hatesohl

Hometown: Shawnee, Kansas
High School: Lutheran High School of Kansas City
Avila University: Senior
Major/Concentration: Directing and Producing

Something you love? I love being able to experience theater in a new format, it has been truly interesting. Few people don’t know that I think green beans are disgusting.

Ariana Hernandez

Hometown: South Sioux City, Nebraska 
High School: South Sioux City High School 
Avila University: Freshman 
Major: Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a concentration in Musical Theatre and Theatre Education, Directing/Producing 

Something you love? “Reading!”

Daniel Hicks

Hometown: Warrensburg, MO
High School: Warrensburg High School
Avila University: Freshman/First Year
Major: Music Performance major/ Music Ed minor

Something people might not know? “I have a large collection of stuffed animals, so if anyone wants to get me something, now you know what I like.”

Talia Hinkley

Hometown : Independence, MO
High School: Fort Osage High School
Avila University: Freshman
Major/Concentration: Theatre Design and Technology 

Interesting Fact: “I’ve climbed a mountain before.”

Rachel Howard

Hometown: Jefferson City, MO
High School: Helias Interparish High School
Avila University: Sophomore
Major: BFA Theatre. Acting Concentration

Something you love? “I love the scene in Little Women 2019 when the March sisters crowd around their mom while she reads them a letter from their dad and Amy says “Jo sits in the back so nobody can see her cry.” The lighting is so warm and they hold each other with so much love it makes me weep.”

Izaak Kimsey

Hometown: Kansas City
High School: North Kansas City
Avila University: Senior
Major: Kinesiology Major w/Theatre Minor

Something you love? “Love dogs, especially my dog.”

Tyler Lindquist

Home Town: Emporia, Kansas
High School: Emporia High School
Year: Sophomore
Major: Acting BFA/Theatre Education 

Something you love? “I thoroughly enjoy the quote ‘This is the way,’ for the sole reason that there is no other way then this.”

Christian Lucas

Hometown: Paola, KS
High School: Paola High School
Avila University: I am a junior but I’m also in my first year at Avila
Major: Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a concentration in Acting

Something you love?  “I love to play guitar. Only my close family and friends have heard me play!”

Drake Mahurin

Hometown: Oak Grove
High School attended: Oak Grove High School
Avila University: Sophomore
Major/Concentration: Kinesiology

Something you love? “I love to play soccer and hope to play for years and years”

Jessica Knecht Michael

Hometown: Excelsior Springs, Missouri
High School attended: Excelsior Springs High School
Year you are in college: Junior
Major/Concentration : Musical Theatre

Something you love? “I love taking and editing photos and chocolate milk is my guilty pleasure. Please follow me on Instagram! @Jess_michael18″

Garland Moore

Hometown: Florissant, MO
High School: Hazelwood Central
Avila University: Junior
Major: B.A. Music – Concentration in Voice Performance

Something you love: “I love having the chance to perform whenever possible!”

Eli Peach

Hometown: Shawnee, KS
High School: Shawnee Mission North High School
Avila University: Senior
Major: Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with concentrations in Acting & Design/technologies

Something you love: “I love that I have a family that supports me in all I do.”

Tinna Rivera

Hometown: Platte City, MO 
High School: Platte County High School 
Avila University: 3rd Year 
Major: Technical Theatre and Design 

Something that you love? “Something that I love dearly is the ability to do theatre, something that can only be done once. No one will ever create a show like this ever again. After this weekend, it will be just a memory others will cherish, but never be able to recreate.”

Tyrrence Walker

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
High School: African Centered Academy
Avila University: Senior  

Favorite quote “There are some problem where only time can solve.”

Adrianna Wendel

Hometown: Kansas City
High School: St. Pius X High School
Avila University: Junior
Major: B.A. Theatre/Speech Secondary Education

Something you love: “Ice cream. All kinds.”

Kaitlyn White

Hometown: Paola
High School: Paola High School
Avila University: First-year
Major: Theatre Design and Technology

Something you love? “I really love learning different languages and cultures!”

Taylor Williams

Hometown : Kansas City, Missouri
High School: Archbishop O’Hara High School
Avila University: Senior
Major: Music

Something you love? “I love to sing. It one of my passion. I believe that singing is my way of giving back to people and helping people by putting a smile on their faces.”

Lynn Winkler

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
High School: Rosati-Kain High School
Avila University: Senior
Major: Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a concentration in Acting

Something people may not know about you “When I was a kid, I wanted to be an author and write ghost stories :)”

Hannah Zimmerman

Hometown: Marshfield, MO
High School: Marshfield High School
Avila University: Junior
Major: Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a concentration in Theatre: Design and Technology; Music: audio technology

Something you love? “I’m a true book worm when I have the time!”

Arts at Avila


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Scott & Diann White


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Sue Ellen McCalley, Ph.D.
Monika T. McCoy
Mr. Dennis J. & Mrs. Anna M. O’Hare
Benjamin Pascoe
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Fr. Keith Branson, C.PP.S.
Dr. Amity H. Bryson
Carol K. Coburn, Ph.D.
Mr. Bob Crow & Mrs. Belinda R. Troxler
Leah K. Gensheimer, Ph.D.
Richard & Charlene Gould
Jennifer & Sam Hampton
Matt & Hillary Harbor
Maggie A. & Kevin Lambi
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Rosemary Flanigan, CSJ
Helen Flemington, CSJ*
Marie Joan Harris, CSJ*
Jeanne Janssen, CSJ
Mary Frances Johnson, CSJ*
Ann Landers, CSJ
Mary Margaret Lazio, CSJ*
Mary Kay Liston, CSJ
Patricia Lorenz, CSJ
Shawn Madigan, CSJ*
Mary McKay, CSJ*
Rose McLarney, CSJ
Marilyn Peot, CSJ
Gabrielle Smits, CSJ
Ruth Stuckel, CSJ
Rita Francis Voivedich, CSJ
*Board of Trustees

The Kennedy Center

The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, part of the Rubenstein Arts Access Program, is generously funded by David M. Rubenstein.

Special thanks to The Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust for supporting the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’ Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival.

Additional support is provided by The Honorable Stuart Bernstein and Wilma E. Bernstein; and the Dr. Gerald and Paula McNichols Foundation.

Kennedy Center education and related artistic programming is made possible through the generosity of the National Committee for the Performing Arts.

This production is entered in the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF). The aims of this national theater education program are to identify and promote quality in college-level theater production. To this end, each production entered is eligible for a response by a regional KCACTF representative, and selected students and faculty are invited to participate in KCACTF programs involving scholarships, internships, grants and awards for actors, directors, dramaturgs, playwrights, designers, stage managers and critics at both the regional and national levels.

Productions entered on the Participating level are eligible for invitation to the KCACTF regional festival and may also be considered for national awards recognizing outstanding achievement in production, design, direction and performance.

Last year more than 1,500 productions were entered in the KCACTF involving more than 200,000 students nationwide. By entering this production, our theater department is sharing in the KCACTF goals to recognize, reward, and celebrate the exemplary work produced in college and university theaters across the nation.



Adults – Free
Students – Two complimentary tickets

To reserve tickets and receive a Zoom link, please contact our Box Office via telephone at 816.501.3699 or email at

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