Honors Program

Challenge yourself.

As an Avila Honors student, you will enrich your education with an in-depth academic exploration tailored specifically to your needs and interests. You will be challenged. You will explore new ideas and possibilities. You will build the skills to make a difference in our community. Avila’s Honors Program is exclusively for high-achieving students like you who have the drive and skills to thrive in this environment.

In addition, Honors Program membership offers you:

  • Personalized learning experiences
  • The opportunity to build meaningful, one-on-one relationships with faculty
  • Renewable honors grants ($1000)
  • An honors designation on your transcript and diploma
  • Graduation cords

How to apply

We are currently accepting our second cohort of Honors Program students to join our initial group of 10 students. To be considered in the future for the Avila University Honors Program, please submit your application prior to one of the below review dates:

October 15
January 15
April 15

Each semester the Honors Program cohort is limited and entry is competitive. Early application is recommended.

To apply, students can email honors@avila.edu with their GPA and ACT/SAT scores to get more information, or talk to their admissions representative

Application Requirements

  • HS GPA of 3.75+
  • and ACT of 25+ (SAT 1200+)
  • HS GPA of 3.75+
  • or ACT of 25+ (SAT 1200+)
  • AND Admission Essay
Transfer/Late Join
  • College GPA 3.5+
  • and Letter of recommendation from academic source
  • and Admission Essay

Program Requirements


Complete two:

  • First year honors seminar (in addition to traditional first-year seminar)
  • Junior honors seminar
  • Senior capstone

Complete two semesters

  • Pre-determined list of events
  • Must register
  • Curated by the Honors Program Director and Steering Committee

Complete five. Enhancements to existing classes. Any class is eligible so long as it is for-credit and has professor’s approval. Examples:

  • Additional reading/reviews
  • Literature review
  • Research proposal
  • Conference presentation
  • Community-based project
  • Creative project

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