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March 5, 2024

Education Without Limits

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March 4, 2024

It’s an exciting time at Avila University, and our campus is truly energized with an unprecedented string of successes! In the fall, we celebrated our largest-ever incoming freshman class. We’re constantly exploring ways to expand access and introduce new programs. We recently received a challenge grant of more than $1 million from the Mabee Foundation that will help us renovate and expand Ridgway residence hall. Our new, vibrant logos for our athletics teams reflect that campuswide energy, and we have many more recent successes to share, several of which are listed below.

And we’re keeping that historic momentum going in 2024 by launching a new tagline that represents our entire Avila community: Education Without Limits.

The best part about Education Without Limits is that, while it connects all our students and faculty, it also means something unique to each of them. In fact, it was a group of Avila undergraduates that came up with Education Without Limits, so we want every student – current, prospective and alumni – to feel that shared pride of ownership as they explore their own interpretations of it.

For some of our students, Education Without Limits became a reality with a first-generation student getting the education that wasn’t available to their parents. Other students may see limitless potential in the expanded curriculum, finding courses and challenges that are a perfect fit for their ambitions. It could mean lowering financial obstacles that often seem impossible to overcome. Or being able to pursue an Avila education, regardless of where you may live in the world. It means erasing geographic boundaries and economic barriers to focus on building relationships that will last your lifetime. 

You’ll see that our athletic teams have embraced it by tailoring it into the #NoLimits mantra often accompanying our new majestic Eagles logo.

For our alumni, Education Without Limits can take shape in a variety of ways. First and foremost, it means that your Avila story doesn’t end when you earn your degree; rather that’s just the beginning. And there’s no better way to sum up the countless ways that our alumni continue to support and connect with our current students.

Our faculty and administration are keenly focused on providing Education Without Limits. We strive to create an environment in our classrooms, in our community, across campus where every student can realize their full potential.

Here are just a few more examples of how Avila students are already benefiting from Education Without Limits:

  • We work with students on FAFSA filing, so that we can improve access and offer scholarships to as many students as possible. In fact, 98% of our students receive scholarships of some kind.
  • Our new hybrid program allows graduate students to study anywhere in the United States and come to one of three Avila campuses every six weeks for a weekend intensive.
  • Our Nursing program continues to thrive and has seen great success with a new virtual reality simulation program.
  • We have a summer innovation camp in Tunis for international graduate students.
  • The Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP) has awarded full 7-year accreditation to the educator preparation programs at Avila University.

In all of these ways and countless more, Education Without Limits will push us to be better – and dream bigger – than we imagined possible. And when we reach our goals, we’ll set new ones.

It all starts here. With each of us. Collective successes through individual strengths. Welcome to Education Without Limits.

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