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May 19, 2022

Avila Commencement Celebrates 391 New Graduates

Commencement stage and students at 2022 celebration
2022 Commencement Attendees.

Avila University Welcomes its 105th Graduating Class

During commencement exercises on May 14 at Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, the Colleges of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Science & Health, and Professional Schools held individual graduation ceremonies for undergraduate and graduate degree earners throughout the day to fulfill social distancing requirements.

“It is wonderful for us to be able to come together once again to celebrate the accomplishments of the students in the Class of ’22,” said Avila President Ronald A. Slepitza, Ph.D., CSJA. “Their steadfastness and talent have been proven repeatedly during their time at Avila—especially as our lives were turned upside down by the pandemic. Their accomplishments are a wonderful milestone for us all.”

In addition to the 286 undergraduate and 105 master’s degrees conferred to Avila’s 105th graduating class, David Kerr ’76 was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, and Slepitza was awarded President Emeritus status during the celebration.

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

School of Humanities


Brianna Leigh Betts | B.A. English
Angela Michelle Zyniewicz | B.A. English


Reginald Roosevelt Black | B.A. History
Cierra McGee | B.A. History
Anna Louise Munro | B.A. History
Korben Tupinio Peters | B.A. History


Kiante’ Channell | B.A. Liberal Arts Studies
Mica Ondrea Pledger | B.A. Liberal Arts Studies
Tyrrence Walker | B.A. Liberal Arts Studies

School of Performing Arts


Grace Luisa Hopkins | B.A. Music
Garland Anthony Moore | B.M. Music
Brandon Williams | B.A. Music


Stephanie Grace Hatesohl | B.F.A. Theatre
Christian Steven Joseph Lucas | B.F.A. Theatre
Kristina Michelle Rivera | B.F.A. Theatre
Adrianna Marie Wendel | B.A. Theatre
Lynn Winkler | B.F.A. Theatre
Hannah Violet Zimmerman | B.F.A. Theatre

School of Psychology and Cognitive Science


Victoria Rose Aguilar | B.A. Psychology
Chris Alexander Bustos | B.A. Psychology
Clara Paulina Duong | B.A. Psychology
Karlee Ann Garrison | B.A. Psychology
Deannah LeShon Herron | B.A. Psychology
Peter Hogan | B.A. Psychology
Reilly E. Johnson | B.A. Psychology
Emily Ann Kowalski | B.A. Psychology
Shelby N. Phillips | B.A. Cognitive Science Psychology
Rayne Grace Rodgers | B.A. Psychology
Gage McCoy Smith | B.A. Psychology
Ly Thi Vu | B.A. Psychology
Kenneth Andrew Wallace Jr. | B.A. Psychology
Kelly M. Warden | B.A. Psychology
Reyes James Willis | B.A. Psychology


Lauren Ashley Alexander | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Tessa Anderson | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Katrena Robinson Armstrong | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Karly Danielle Arnold | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Katie Rose Barden | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Jzsa Lanay Berymon | M.S. Psychology
Tiffany LeGrand | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Rachel Estabel Boone | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Cynthia Brizendine | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Laura Kay Burt | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Jessie Christine Culley | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Hope Cheyenne Davis | M.S. Psychology
Phillip Carl Easley | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Kayla Erlbacher | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Janos Paul Glynn | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Cecilia Maria Gutierrez Vazquez | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Samantha Christine Hansen | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Sarah Anne Josephson | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Corinn Leigh Kauzlarich | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Noah Michael Kocour | M.S. Psychology
Lauren Elizabeth Lane | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Alicia Lawton | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Brittany LeAnna-Hill Lewis | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Christine Michelle Lopez | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Taylor Michele Messerly | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Indrasari MacKenzie Mursid | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Lindsey Park | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Abigail Maria Seitz | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Mallorie Leeann Tyler Shepard | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Pam Silver | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Ramonte T Stephens | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Kim Wade | M.S. Counseling Psychology
Sophie Millbern Wilson | M.S. Counseling Psychology


Gary Williams Atito | M.S. Psychology
Jennifer J. Haley | M.S. Psychology
Lexanna Tiara Morgan | M.S. Psychology
Dante Morello | M.S. Psychology
Léa Morvan-Pereur | M.S. Psychology
Gina Pace | M.S. Psychology
Sarah A. Von Holten | M.S. Psychology
Lindsay Betts Wing | M.S. Psychology

School of Social Sciences 


Brett Alan Baker | B.A. Criminology & Justice Studies
Makayla T. Bonwell | B.A. Criminology & Justice Studies
Brandon Lindale Cochran | B.A. Criminology & Justice Studies
Kylan Shaler Harper | B.A. Criminology & Justice Studies | Psychology
Jarrod Robert Kirk | B.A. Criminology & Justice Studies
Hannah M. Mast | B.A. Criminology & Justice Studies
Nia Rosa Elina Musamali | B.A. Criminology & Justice Studies
Tumelo Marita Sue Musamali | B.A. Criminology & Justice Studies
Cale Matthew Sherrock | B.A. Criminology & Justice Studies
Emily Ann Walton | B.A. Criminology & Justice Studies
Briah Lynn Wilkins | B.A. Criminology & Justice Studies


Odessa Andree | B.S.W. Social Work
Pedro Francisco Argumedo | B.S.W. Social Work
Jasmin Sarai Baldovinos Esquivel | B.S.W. Social Work
Emily Anne Dodgson | B.S.W. Social Work
Angela Hadel | B.S.W. Social Work
Adriana Rangel Hernandez | B.S.W. Social Work
Brooklynn Renee Hufft | B.S.W. Social Work
Lauren Anne Manion | B.S.W. Social Work
Kalyn Blythe McCune | B.S.W. Social Work
Athaviah Narcissus Shane | B.S.W. Social Work
Lacey Dawn Shank | B.S.W. Social Work
Taylor Nicole Stewart | B.S.W. Social Work
Kaleb Flynn Sullivan | B.S.W. Social Work

College of Science & Health

School of Natural and Applied Sciences


Madelyn Su Mullinax | B.S. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Lexi Nadine Rinne | B.S. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Hannah Jane Rogers | B.S. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


Noah Andres Barrera | B.S. Biology
Alexandra Nicole Comparato | B.S. Biology
Sonitha Danille Eng | B.S. Biology
Isabelle Grace Fox | B.S. Biology | B.A. Psychology
Madalene Woodbury Lopez | B.S. Biology
Abigail A. Neuweg | B.S. Biology
Caroline Frances Root | B.S. Biology


Coltin Bass | B.S. Kinesiology
Kenzie Lynn Beeler | B.S. Kinesiology
Lucy Blake | B.S. Kinesiology
Hannah Elizabeth Coates | B.S. Kinesiology
Charlie William Cunningham Jr | B.S. Kinesiology
London Foster | B.S. Kinesiology
Nikolas Sincere Furlow | B.S. Kinesiology
Samual J. Hudson | B.S. Kinesiology
Izaak Ashe Kimsey | B.S. Kinesiology
Exavior Lowe-Bohannon | B.S. Kinesiology
Claudia L. McIntire | B.S. Kinesiology
Kennedee Gayle Meier | B.S. Kinesiology
Naeem Jahid Moore | B.S. Kinesiology
MiKeisha Nietfeld | B.S. Kinesiology
Gabriela Aide Parada | B.S. Kinesiology
Michael Anthony Pinzino | B.S. Kinesiology
Hussan Riaz | B.S. Kinesiology
Mackenzie Sue Staats | B.S. Kinesiology
Jenna Lynn Vickers | B.S. Kinesiology
D’Ovion Shon-Nae Williams | B.S. Kinesiology


Jacob R. Kent | M.S. Kinesiology
Hannah Alexis Lentell | M.S. Kinesiology
Justin Taylor Loman | M.S. Kinesiology
Darian A. Malone | M.S. Kinesiology
Jenny Ann Miles | M.S. Kinesiology
Erin Michael O’Brien | M.S. Kinesiology
Keith Pulliam | M.S. Kinesiology
Caden Ritter | M.S. Kinesiology
Mackenzie C. Sibon | M.S. Kinesiology
Derek Woody | M.S. Kinesiology


Ethan Riley Francis | B.S. Professional Health Sciences
Sierra Nicole Reed | B.S. Professional Health Sciences
Karina Michelle Sagastume Cruz | B.S. Professional Health Sciences
Noor Ul Ain | B.S. Professional Health Sciences

School of Computer Sciences and Mathematics


Augustine Afi Agbavor | B.S. Computer Science
Ali Salman Alfuhaid | B.S. Computer Science
Moshal Rashed S Almotery | B.S. Computer Science
Maha Marwi Almutiri | B.S. Computer Science
Naomi Coreen Brooks | B.S. Computer Science
Sean N. Farley | B.S. Computer Science
John Bernard Flucke | B.S. Computer Science
Diego Henrique Guimarães | B.S. Computer Science
Matthew Lawrence Kakareka | B.S. Computer Science
Cameron Tracy Leathers | B.S. Computer Science
Wuilton J. Palacios | B.S. Computer Science
Robert Benjamin Patterson IV | B.S. Computer Science
Thomas Lucas Patton IV | B.S. Computer Science


Luz Calderon | B.S. Software Engineering
Jonathan Antonio Lopez De Leon| B.S. Software Engineering
Kiandre Jaylon Thomas | B.S. Software Engineering

School of Nursing


McKenna Adamson | B.S.N. Nursing
Gabrielle Ruth Adkins | B.S.N. Nursing
Jessica Renee Baugh | B.S.N. Nursing
Mariana Bichara | B.S.N. Nursing
Benjamin Birdsong | B.S.N. Nursing
Ashlee Louise Box | B.S. Wellness Studies
Kimmie Brooks | B.S. Wellness Studies
Jessica Callahan | B.S.N. Nursing
Jo Cayot | B.S.N. Nursing
Jade Alair Clancy | B.S.N. Nursing
Kaitlin N. Comstock | B.S.N. Nursing
Khalee Cook | B.S.N. Nursing
Madison Marie Davis | B.S.N. Nursing
Megan Elizabeth Davis | B.S.N. Nursing
Rachel H. Fenimore | B.S.N. Nursing
Jacob Layne Gaynor | B.S.N. Nursing
Sarah Jayne Griffin | B.S.N. Nursing
Benjamin Barnett Guenther | B.S.N. Nursing
Brooke Harpenau | B.S.N. Nursing
Taylor Jo Hemme | B.S.N. Nursing
Hannah J.L. Hill | B.S.N. Nursing
Haley Hunter | B.S.N. Nursing
Natalie Rose Jimenez | B.S.N. Nursing
Madeline Grace Kleinsasser | B.S.N. Nursing
Mallory Line | B.S.N. Nursing
Sean Phillip Maloney | B.S.N. Nursing
Eileen Elizabeth Martin | B.S.N. Nursing
Riley Mick Maulsby | B.S.N. Nursing
Corey Elise Mills | B.S. Wellness Studies
Cody Austin Morgan | B.S.N. Nursing
Trinity Ann Morris | B.S.N. Nursing
Danielle Renee Morrison | B.S.N. Nursing
Jewell Angeli Park | B.S. Wellness Studies
Jaysha Leona Marie Pittman | B.S.N. Nursing
Croix Marshall Ratzlaff | B.S.N. Nursing
Paige Reed | B.S.N. Nursing
Michelle Reznikova | B.S.N. Nursing
Jaylan Melissa Schneider | B.S.N. Nursing
Tjana A. Scott | B.S.N. Nursing
Teresa Ann Shockley | B.S.N. Nursing
Emily C. Stegall | B.S.N. Nursing
Kaitlyn Jean Summers | B.S.N. Nursing
Kaitlynn Sweet-Crick | B.S.N. Nursing
Maria C. Valleroy | B.S.N. Nursing
Taylor Marie Voss | B.S.N. Nursing
Marisa Virginia West | B.S.N. Nursing
Lacey Lee Williams | B.S.N. Nursing
Emily Caron Woods | B.S.N. Nursing

School of Imaging Sciences


Diana K. Aguilar Ochoa | B.S. Radiologic Science
Matthew James Anderson | B.S. Radiologic Science
Joshua Castaneda | B.S. Radiologic Science
Katelyn Louise Cavanaugh | B.S. Radiologic Science
Kayla Ann Cummings | B.S. Radiologic Science
Montana Kathleen Elliott | B.S. Radiologic Science
Samantha Sienna Georgine French | B.S. Radiologic Science
Keyann Lesui | B.S. Radiologic Science
Myles Matthew Mustapich | B.S. Radiologic Science
Milan Patel | B.S. Radiologic Science
Nicole Jo Najar | B.S. Radiologic Science
Sydney Nikole Ozburn | B.S. Radiologic Science
Angie Giovanna Pantaleon | B.S. Radiologic Science
Julie Rose Reinhardt | B.S. Radiologic Science
Jayda Victoria Rogers | B.S. Radiologic Science
Linsey Ann Rogers | B.S. Radiologic Science
Hannah Priti Sherman | B.S. Radiologic Science
Joelle Christine Shurtz | B.S. Radiologic Science
Tracy Suzanne Skoba | B.S. Radiologic Science
Haley Marie Tutorino | B.S. Radiologic Science
Isabel Aurora Valdez | B.S. Radiologic Science
Lauren Nicole Walker | B.S. Radiologic Science
Samantha Jo Weickert | B.S. Radiologic Science

College of Professional Schools

School of Business


Thiago Raymundo Alves | B.S.B.A. Marketing | Management
Titus Joseph Boone | B.S.B.A. Management
Estefany Adriana Borja Bonilla | B.S.B.A. Healthcare Administration
Mattison Olivia Derby | B.S.B.A. Business Administration
Charisa Nicole Dodd | B.S.B.A. Business Administration
Jordan Forsythe | B.S.B.A. Management | Marketing
Tina E. Hibner | B.S.B.A. Management
Allissa L. Kridner | B.S.B.A. Accounting | Finance
Zachary J. Lintzen | B.S.B.A. Marketing | Management
Cade Randall O’neal Lewis | B.S.B.A. Finance | Management
Logan Michael Murany | B.S.B.A. Business Administration
Megan Elizabeth Nieslanik | B.S.B.A. Management
Cody Oberly | B.S.B.A. Accounting
Wyatt James Oberly | B.S.B.A. Finance | Management
Jadon Clay Pyle | B.S.B.A. Accounting
Austin Cole Riley Reams | B.S.B.A. Marketing
Yaneth M. Rosales | B.S.B.A. International Business | Finance
Katherine Michelle Sarmiento | B.S.B.A. Healthcare Administration
Lydia Elise Schuetz | B.S.B.A. Management | Marketing
Goh Si Xun | B.S.B.A. International Business
Austin Forsee Tarazon | B.S.B.A. Accounting
Lexus Ahmia Tucker | B.S.B.A. Healthcare Administration
Chance Michael VanEaton | B.S.B.A. Management
Cody Tyler Leonard White | B.S.B.A. Marketing | Finance
Thomas Joseph Winger | B.S.B.A. Marketing


Kyle Eugene Ahlenstorf | M.B.A. Business Administration
Andrew James Albertson | M.B.A. Business Administration
Amber Blaisdell | M.B.A. Business Administration
Jasmine Aubrea Brooks | M.B.A. Business Administration
Grant Michael Burns | M.B.A. Business Administration
Tiffany Jo Davenport | M.B.A. Business Administration
Hannah Claire Foster | M.B.A. Business Administration
Kenlee Danielle Frank | M.B.A. Business Administration
Brittany Kayla Freeman | M.B.A. Business Administration
Tatiana Meshel McCree | M.B.A. Business Administration
Kristina Noble | M.B.A. Business Administration
Julia Amolo Ogutu | M.B.A. Business Administration
Janessa Spencer | M.B.A. Business Administration


Joshua Matthew McCullough | B.S. Public Accounting

School of Education


Talithacumi Castañeda | B.A. Art Education
Emily L. Rasmussen | B.A. Art Education


Itzel Abigail Almanza Pasillas | B.S. Elementary Education
Madison Leslie Baker | B.S. Elementary Education
Taylor Marie Bintliff | B.S. Elementary Education
Ashley Ann Dimarco | B.S. Elementary Education
Jennifer Zora Fahey | B.S. Elementary Education
Eden Ilaria Fridlington | B.S. Elementary Education
Hannah L. Lewis | B.S. Elementary Education
Isabelle Anna Mitchell | B.S. Elementary Education
Victoria Monique Reyes | B.S. Elementary Education
Alyssa Tyrel Rushing | B.S. Elementary Education


Morgan Midori Michiko Neal | B.S. Middle School Education


Mason Lee Smith | B.S. Physical Education


Ernest Roland Bustillo | B.S. Special Education
Noah Benjamin Moseley | B.S. Special Education
Madison Lee Wray | B.S. Special Education


Amy Rene Baucom | M.A. Education
Kathryn Beile | M.A. Education
Joseph Robert Blake | M.A. Education
Matthew Dean Blankenship | M.A. Education
Brooke Anne Bowen | M.A. Education
Carolyn Brown | M.A. Education
Lari Sue Bunch | M.A. Education
Jewels Leigh Dawson | M.A. Education
Sarah Marie Dunn | M.A. Education
Elizabeth Danielle Dyer | M.A. Education
Nathaniel Gregory Freeman | M.A. Education
Elizabeth A. Galbreath | M.A. Education
Madelyn Ann Hershberger | M.A. Education
Zachary James Herzig | M.A. Education
Kelly Kaczmarczyk | M.A. Education
Julia Marie Parker | M.A. Education
Laurie Jeane Pieken | M.A. Education
Hannah Lynn Ryan | M.A. Education
Meghan Kathleen Schwend | M.A. Education
Danielle Elizabeth Sloop | M.A. Education
Brittany Nicole Smart | M.A. Education
Katherine Irene Sturgess Sweeney | M.A. Education
Brooke Coleen Wells | M.A. Education
Luke Williams | M.A. Education
Whitney Alta Wrestler | M.A. Education
Kyleigh Mary Zoltek | M.A. Education

School of Visual & Communication Arts


Samantha Diaz | B.A. Art
Guadalupe Guevara | B.F.A. Art
Madalyn J. Hall | B.F.A. Art
Lauren E. Harrell | B.F.A. Art
Ryon Holmes | B.F.A. Art
Hailey Jackson | B.A. Art
Miriam Martinez | B.F.A. Art
Sarah Marie Woods | B.A. Art


Khulud Obaidan Alharthi | B.A. Communication
Jaylen Becton | B.A. Communication
Brian Coffey | B.A. Communication
Deverne Derrick Coleman | B.A. Communication
David Harold Crowhurst | B.A. Communication
Guilherme De Carvalho Berbel Lozani | B.A. Communication
Tajh Downs | B.A. Communication
Katherine Elizabeth Gannan | B.A. Communication
Trey Michael Heinrich-Schwieger | B.A. Communication
Darline Henrius | B.A. Communication
Emmanuel Hernandez | B.A. Communication
Christopher Nunn | B.A. Communication
Tremone Lamont Perry | B.A. Communication
Brandon James Phillips | B.A. Communication
Thamer Ali Shafei | B.A. Communication
Thea Kathryn Tanuis | B.A. Communication
Jamad Thomas | B.A. Communication
Kathryn Ann Warren | B.A. Communication

AVILA Institute for Professional Studies


Jordan Christopher Epps | B.A. Business Administration
Kasie Michele Gerstner | B.A. Business Administration | Human Resources
Jessica Gregory | B.A. Business Administration
Jessica Lynna Hardy | B.A. Business Administration | Human Resources
Enoma Ighedosa | B.A. Business Administration
Stacy Renee Jackson | B.A. Business Administration
Lenny Joseph Lippert | B.A. Business Administration
Michelle Lynne Mcgrail | B.A. Business Administration
Jessica Renfrew | B.A. Business Administration
Janice Lynn Roy | B.A. Business Administration
Andrew Michael Shipman | B.A. Business Administration
Trena Joy Wilson | B.A. Business Administration


Ivy Lavida Brewer | B.S. Healthcare Management
Janelle Case | B.S. Healthcare Management
Christine Michelle Harwick B.S. Healthcare Management | B.A. Human Resources
Tera Evette January | B.S. Healthcare Management | B.A. Human Resources
Amy Parker | B.S. Healthcare Management
Jeanene Marie Ray | B.S. Healthcare Management
Patrice L. Thornton | B.S. Healthcare Management


Sarah Jane Floyd | B.A. Human Resources
Dayna Chantel Jackson | B.A. Human Resources
Deanna L. Thompson | B.A. Human Resources
Janese Brittnee Williams | B.A. Human Resources


Lisa Ann Montgomery-Bradley | B.A. Liberal Arts Studies
Joseph Benjamin Wilson | B.A. Liberal Arts Studies


Jasmine Keshawna Farmer | B.A. Psychology
Andrea Marie James | B.A. Psychology
Jasmine Christine Louis | B.A. Psychology
Jerry Maureen Mckay | B.A. Psychology
Deirdre Eileen Morrow | B.A. Psychology
Trazell Patterson | B.A. Psychology
Na-Tasha Marie Ragland | B.A. Psychology


Rose Christina Bernstein | M.A. Management
Megan Nicole Dietz | M.A. Management
Melissa Flood Ayers | M.A. Management
Rosellen Jo Sullins Pineda | M.A. Management
Paula Elaine Starr | M.A. Management
Brian Anthony Toliver | M.A. Management
Kimberly Lubov Wallace | M.A. Management


Charles W. Cooper | M.S. Organizational Development Psychology
Jeffrey A. Kolb | M.S. Organizational Development Psychology
Kathleen E. LaForge | M.S. Organizational Development Psychology
Lyndse McPheeters | M.S. Organizational Development Psychology
Darren J. Roubinek | M.S. Organizational Development Psychology
Melissa Shipman | M.S. Organizational Development Psychology
Megan Ann Stone | M.S. Organizational Development Psychology
Letonia L. Torrence | M.S. Organizational Development Psychology
Ashley Nicole Ukleya | M.S. Organizational Development Psychology
LaPorscha C. Vaughn | M.S. Organizational Development Psychology

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