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April 28, 2022

Q&A: Hannah Lentell, MSK ’21

Hannah Lentell
Hannah Lentell.

Hannah Lentell had a BS in Kinesiology and was working full time. She knew she wanted to earn a master’s degree, but was worried about the time commitment and how she could possibly do both. She met with Dr. Larson at Avila University and found out she could earn her Master of Science in Kinesiology through an asynchronous online program. She was able to watch lectures and complete coursework on her schedule.  “For me, the opportunity to work full-time while taking Kinesiology classes directly related to my work was the best of both experiences,” said Lentell.

Lentell earned her MSK from Avila University in 2021 and is a Club Manager and Personal Trainer for Snap Fitness in Shawnee, KS

How did Avila prepare you for your career?

The accelerated graduate classes required a higher level of focus and production than I was used to at the undergraduate level. This pace helped prepare me for the demands of the real world. I became better at managing my priorities and decision-making about how to use my time and energy. I liked the critical thinking challenges associated with the research and statistics classes. These classes helped me establish processes to review and analyze the information as part of every decision-making process. The two classes related to sport and exercise psychology were the most applicable in real-time, especially working with clients and supervising other personal trainers.    

What professional goals do you have for the future, and how is your Avila education preparing you to pursue these goals?

I have thought about a doctorate in sports psychology. However, currently, we are changing the structure in the gym where I am working. Within the next year or two, I will go from managing one Snap Fitness location to being the General Manager of both Kansas City locations. After another year, the plan is for me to take over all aspects of business operations. This will be a great learning experience for me because eventually, I want to own my gym or fitness facility. Then, maybe I’ll think more about pursuing a doctorate in sports psychology.

Who at Avila did you form an inspired relationship with, and how did they assist you?

I had a good relationship with Dr. Larson and Dr. Norwood. They were great about working with me in the online version of their respective classes. I appreciate them working with me and my situation within the framework of the class. There isn’t another program around where the professors would have supported my academic goals and professional ambitions the way they did.

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