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April 20, 2022

Q&A: Samual Ziglinski, MSCP student

Samual Ziglinski
Sam Ziglinski.

Samual Ziglinski is pursuing a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology at Avila University. “I wanted the opportunity to work closely with a wide variety of individuals, and approach the field of psychology from a unique, focused perspective,” said Ziglinski.

“Avila offers a competitive program which maintains high standards while providing the necessary faculty and peer support to complete it.”

What surprised you about Avila?

I was surprised by the quality of staff assisting with enrollment and registration. They made the transition from an undergraduate to a graduate program smoother than I could have expected.

What professional goals do you have for the future, and how has your Avila education prepared you to pursue these goals?

I hope to complete a doctorate in clinical psychology, and the Avila emphasis on in-person work, research, and our contribution to the community has provided a strong foundation for success.

Who at Avila did you form an inspired relationship with, and how did they assist you?

Dr. Marcia Pasqualini has consistently impressed me with her willingness to sacrifice her own time to help students in her classes, her lab, and around the campus. She approaches the discussion of psychological science with her students and lab members with the assumption that they have something to offer. She was a large part of my decision to come to Avila, and she continues to make the experience particularly enjoyable.

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