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March 23, 2022

Q&A: Samantha Johnson, MSP ’20

samantha Johnson

Samantha Johnson chose Avila to earn her Master of Science in Psychology because she wanted to be a part of a meaningful community. “If you are looking for quality education and relationships, Avila is the right choice for you,” said Johnson, MSP, ‘20.

“I could envision myself on campus, involved with my peers and professors. From my first meeting with my academic advisor, I felt seen and heard as a student and young adult. The more I learned about the specifics of the program, the more confident I became in my abilities to reach my goals.”

Johnson is now an Autism Instructional Assistant in the Olathe Public School District.

What would you tell a friend who is considering a similar path about Avila’s program?

Avila is the right fit for someone looking for individualized education. The Avila staff; including academic advisors, professors, adjunct staff, graduate assistants, etc. make the campus feel personal for every student. The staff is dedicated to providing quality education and preparing students for life after the degree.

How did Avila prepare you for your career?

My time at Avila taught me how to ask hard questions, trained me as a researcher and writer, and encouraged me to be a lifelong learner. 

Avila offered courses that met my specific passions. I still refer to my notes and books for further study in my current job. While my MSP courses prepared me to work in my field, the relationships I developed helped me become a hardworking, empathetic person.

What professional goals do you have for the future, and how is your Avila education preparing you to pursue these goals?

My current professional goal is to become a school counselor. My education at Avila set the groundwork for my licensure requirements. The academic advisors and professors at Avila guided me in choosing the right degree. I plan to expand my skills in K-12 applied behavioral science and continue to dream as a lifelong learner.

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