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February 23, 2022

Q&A: Carolyn Brown MA.Ed ’22

Carolyn Brown
Carolyn Brown_MAEd.

Carolyn Brown is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Education at Avila University. Earlier in her career, she completed the teacher certification program. “After completing the certification program at Avila, I decided that it would be beneficial to continue my learning and pursue my Master of Arts in Education,” said Brown. 

“Avila was the only school in the KC metro area where I could gain state certification and use those credits to pursue a Master’s Degree in Education.”


Why was Avila and their master’s program the right fit for you?

I was looking for a program that would provide real-world experience in teaching, along with courses that would be relevant and impactful to my career. After completing the Graduate Initial Teaching Certification Program at Avila, I decided that it would be beneficial to continue my learning and pursue my Master of Arts in Education. 

I knew that the program was going to be worthwhile; the classes are small enough where the instruction seems personalized and relevant, the professors are all knowledgeable and great to work with, and I felt as if every class I took was going to help me succeed as a teacher.

How did Avila prepare you for your career?

The professors are very understanding and want you to succeed! I’ve been able to use professors as references and for networking; I found my current job because of the professors at Avila.

What professional goals do you have in the future? How has your Avila education prepared you to pursue those?

Earning my MAEd will allow me to pursue a career in Education, as I hope to grow my teaching career into curriculum development, advocating for fine arts in school districts. I feel confident and prepared for this journey, as I’ve had classes ranging from curriculum development to teacher leadership. Completing this Master’s Degree from Avila University excites me for my future goals.

Who at Avila (faculty or staff) did you form good relationships with during your studies? How did they assist you?

Dr.(Natalie) Cobb taught the first class I ever attended at Avila. It was in that class that I got a sense of the Avila Education Department culture and knew I was going to enjoy it. Dr. Cobb has since been a source of encouragement and professional help.

I wasn’t nervous about the idea of teaching. I had wanted to teach since I was in 2nd grade, but didn’t know the best avenue to get there. I fell in love with art in college and knew that was something I wanted to do. Avila allowed me to merge my love of art and teaching into one career.

Dr. Cobb was very encouraging during that first class and beyond. My lessons/assessments/projects that I turned in for that class were always met with compliments and encouragement. Whenever I saw Dr. Cobb at a meeting or in another class, she’d always ask about my art and mention that her kids still remembered me. That kind of personal connection gave me confidence that I could teach art.

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