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February 16, 2022

Q&A: Shamita Mahajan, MSP ’22

Shamita mahajan
Shamita mahajan.

After raising two kids, Shamita Mahajan realized she has a strong passion for helping adolescents navigate life’s challenges. She decided she wanted to return to school to earn a master’s degree. 

“When I began exploring options to get a master’s degree, Avila seemed like a natural choice,” said Mahajan. 

She began working toward her Master of Science in Counseling Psychology but decided the Master of Science in Psychology with the research track was the right path. “I am doing a research concentration in case I decide to pursue a Ph.D. because I consider myself a lifelong learner and enjoy the world of academics. Avila has been very flexible in accommodating my evolving academic goals over the past two years,” said Mahajan.

Why are you interested in this degree?

I hope that I will be able to use my MSP and the knowledge that I have acquired at Avila to work in a college setting as a student advisor, admissions advisor, or in any other capacity which will enable me to provide support to adolescents and young adults.

I have two young adult children who are now in college. Young people are overwhelmed by anxiety and depression, and I have a lot of compassion for them. My desire to give support to adolescents and young adults drew me to this field.

Why was Avila and their program the right fit for you?

I liked the program, the curriculum, the people, the location, and the small class sizes. I was going back to study after a very long time and Avila University supported me through the admissions process. 

What surprised you about Avila or the psychology program?

I thought I would be the oldest person in the class but I was pleasantly surprised to see students from 23 to 60. I did not feel at all out of place. I was supported and welcomed. 

What professional goals do you have for the future, and how is Avila preparing you to pursue these goals?

My goal is to work in the admissions office, student success center, or counseling department of a college. I might eventually pursue a Ph.D. or teach as an adjunct professor in a psychology department. I am confident the psychology program at Avila will prepare me to meet any of these goals.

Who at Avila did you form an inspired relationship with, and how did they assist you?

I cannot single out any professor. I literally and with no exaggeration love every faculty member that I have been so fortunate to have so far. They are all wonderful, supportive, sincere, and knowledgeable. My return to education after a gap of more than 25 years has been joyous and it is really because of the very pleasant and supportive environment at Avila.

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