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December 2, 2020

Fansher, Eckinger Dating App Research Highlighted in Psychology Today

Psychology Today recently featured research from Avila researchers Ashley K. Fansher, Ph.D. and Sara Eckinger about differences between users and non-users of dating apps. Fansher, Assistant Professor of Criminology and Justice Studies, and Eckinger, Program Coordinator for Eagles Aware, originally published their study in the academic journal Deviant Behavior in March earlier this year. In their research, they analyzed responses from 1,310 participants, aged 18 to 29, attending a large state public university to identify the potential risks of using online dating apps. They found ‘significant’ differences between users and non-users in seven key variables, including drug use, sexual deception, adversarial gender beliefs, and others, with users more likely to engage in many of the behaviors measured, along with users presenting lower levels of self-control when compared to non-users. Fansher and Eckinger hope the research will promote ‘prevention programming that will enhance the awareness of problematic online dating behaviors.’

Psychology Today
Deviant Behavior (subscription required)

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