Poster for the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Simon Stephens

Who’s Who

Danielle Adcock
Props Crew

Danielle Adcock is a sophomore here at Avila University as a Theatre major with a concentration in Acting, also minoring in Dance. Some of her more notable roles here at Avila have been acting in the productions of Pippin, Servant of Two Masters, and most recently playing Celie in The Imaginary Cuckold. In the current production, she’s had a great time working with her peers working on the prop crew.

Richard Bertoldie
Christopher Boone, Assistant Lighting Designer, and Electrician

Richard Bertoldie is a 3rd year Acting and Directing student at Avila and is proud to be taking up the role of Christopher in this production, as well as the role of Assistant Lighting Designer. He has previously been seen in The Imaginary Cuckold, Sylvia, Pippin, The Servant of Two Masters, Twenty20s, Harvey, Miss Nelson is Missing!, As You Like It, and War of the Worlds. He has learned immeasurably from his time at Avila and finds his love of this craft growing deeper every show and every day. He is so grateful for the opportunities given to him, and the support he has, both in faculty, peers, and his loving family. He sincerely hopes you enjoy “Curious Incident!”

Isabella Brauner
Siobhan and Scenic Charge Artis

Isabella Brauner is a junior working towards a double major in Special Education and a BFA in Acting. She is so excited to be acting as Siobhan and being Paint Charge for this show. Some past productions include The Imaginary Cuckold, Miss Nelson is Missing, and War of the Worlds. She would like to thank her family, and fellow cast and crew members for their support and collaboration. Isabella would also like to thank the faculty who have been working tirelessly among changing circumstances. She would like to dedicate her performance to Kathleen and Sandy.

Gaby Dawn
Paint Crew

Gaby Dawn is involved in her third show at Avila, The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-Time as a part of the Scenic Design crew, she absolutely loves painting, so she feels right at home, even when her schedule is hectic. She has also been a part of The Imaginary Cuckold as Gorgibus, and in Sylvia as the understudy for Kate, and managing projections. She looks forward to the rest of her 4 years at Avila!

Abigail Dearing
Digital Media Designer and Front of House

Abigail Dearing is a freshman at Avila. She is getting her B.F.A in Theatre Design, Tech, and Management. This is her third show at Avila and first time designing for a show. Abigail is very excited to participate in future shows.

Gabriella Fast

Gabriella Fast is a first year at Avila University. For both Sylvia and The Imaginary Cuckold, she was the Assistant Stage Manager as well as part of the paint crew on The Imaginary Cuckold. For this show she gets to be part of the scenic crew, and she’s excited to learn different jobs backstage. She wants to thank her family and former theatre teachers for encouraging her to continue her dream to do theatre through these tough times.

Eleanor Frances
Assistant Lighting Designer, Electrician, Light Board Op

Eleanor Frances is the light board opt, an election, and an assistant light designer for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. This is Eleanor’s 3rd show while going to school here at Avila. She was an assistant stage manager for Sylvia. In The Imaginary Cuckold, she was an assistant painter and a spotlight opt. Eleanor is majoring in technical theater and design with a minor in women and gender studies. She’s looking forward to working on other shows and showing other people the final product for this show.

Bee Givens
Voice Six/Mrs. Alexander/Lady in Street/Woman on Train, Understudy for Siobhan, and Electrician

This is the 6th production that Bee has been a part of here at Avila. They are a sophomore with a concentration in Acting. They are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to perform again and have enjoyed working with their friends during this process. They would like to give a special thanks to those that have supported them this semester.

Miriam Gleeson
Voice One/Posh Girl, Understudy for Judy/#40/ Information, and Properties crew

Miriam Gleeson is a first-year pre-medical student with a passion for the arts. She has been on- and off-stage in several shows ranging from short camps to musicals in her hometown, but this is her first production at Avila. She plays Voice One and Posh Girl and helped with props.

Kyle Hammond
Voice Four/Uncle Terry/London Policeman, Understudy for Voice Two/Roger/Duty Sergeant/Mr. Wise

Kyle is in his third year of college here at Avila, and he is currently working towards receiving his Bachelor’s degree in theater performance. He recently graduated from Metropolitan Community College Longview and achieved his Associate of Arts Degree. Kyle discovered his talent and passion for acting at the young age of thirteen and has only grown in his craft throughout the last 7-8 years. For this show, Kyle is playing the roles of Voice Four, Uncle Terry, London Policeman, and Ensemble. He is super excited to be in his first show at Avila University. Outside of Avila, Kyle’s past shows include Tartuffe and Company of Wayward Saints at Longview as well as A Few Good Men at City Theater of Independence. Kyle would like to thank his loving mother for helping him discover his talent and passion for theater. He would also like to thank his whole family and all his friends for their love and support throughout the years. Without it, He never would have made it this far and who knows how much farther he will go with them at his side!

Kelsey Harms
Assistant Costume Designer

Kelsey is a first-year student studying in Design & Technology. She has a background in the performing arts as a dancer. She is the Assistant Costume Designer for this production. Kelsey enjoys all the behind-the-scenes shenanigans, working alongside with her peers and friends has created many fond memories, and has also learned many new skills from them. Kelsey is looking forward to all the many more shows to come here at Avila University. Past work at Avila includes Assistant Costume Designer for Sylvia (2021), Assistant Costume Designer for The Imaginary Cuckold (2021).

Ari Hernandez
Assistant to the Director, Properties Designer, #40/ Information, Understudy for Voice One/Posh Girl

Ari Hernandez is a sophomore at Avila University studying theater with a concentration in Directing/Producing as well as a minor in Dance. She was the Assistant to the Director for this production as well as Co-Properties Designer and a part of the ensemble. Previously she has been seen in Twenty20s and The Servant of Two Masters and has worked behind the scenes assistant directing and assistant stage managing for The Imaginary Cuckold. She was very excited to be directing again and take up a role as a designer for the first time in her theater career. She’d like to thank everyone who has guided her through this process, especially her co-Designer and director.

Daniel Hicks
Carpenter and Scenic Run Crew

Daniel Hicks is a sophomore and an acting major. He was on set crew and carpentry for this show. He’s really excited for everyone to continue to see the shows this year because he’s excited to have his first design job during the musical.

Talia Hinckley
Lighting Designer

Talia Hinckley is a sophomore at Avila University studying Theatre Design and Technology. Her previous works at Avila include Sound/Digital Media Operator for A Servant of Two Masters, Co-Assistant Lighting Designer and Co-Master Electrician for Sylvia, and Lighting Designer for The Imaginary Cuckold. Talia is the Lighting Designer for this production. Talia is enthusiastic about being able to do what she loves again and would like to thank everyone involved who made this show possible. She would also like to give special thanks to Jeannie and Tommie Hutter, for helping her find her place in the theater and grow her love for art into what it is today.

Rachel Howard
Rachel Howard
Judy and Properties Designer

Rachel Howard is a Junior at Avila. In this production she is playing Judy and is co-props designer. She is so happy to have had the opportunity to work with such a fantastic cast, crew, and director. She is grateful to the faculty for all that they have taught her and all the help they have provided along the way. She would also like to thank her friends and family for always supporting her. She hopes that you enjoy the show and that it provides you with insight and laughter.

Izaak Kimsey
Voice Three/Mr. Thompson/Drunk Two, Understudy for Voice Four/Uncle Terry/London Policeman, and Paint Crew

Izaak Kimsey is a grad student working on his Master’s in Kinesiology with a minor in Theatre. In his first play, he played Sir Oliver Martex in Shakespeare As You Like It. His second show was designed by the students called Twenty20s based on true events happening in that year. He has been an assistant stage manager for A Servant of Two Masters, and for Pippin. For The Imaginary Cuckold, he played Hugo in the lazzis throughout the show. For Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, he plays as Mr. Thompson, voice 3, drunk two and is an ensemble. Izaak worked closely with Richard and Tucker to be able to authentically emulate the mannerisms and cognitive working of someone on the spectrum. It is exciting for him to be working with friends on stage and off stage prepping for the show. He is excited to be doing theatre with excellent people.

Tyler Lindquist
Scenic Designer, Roger/Duty Sergeant/Mr. Wise/Voice Two, and Understudy for Policeman/Reverend Peters/Station Policeman

Tyler Lindquist is a Junior at Avila University pursuing his degrees in Acting (BFA) and Theatre Education. For Curious Incident Tyler has many roles, on the tech side he is the set designer, and on the performance side, he portrays Roger, Duty Sergeant, and a plethora of other ensemble characters. For both tech and performance, Tyler has previously worked on The Imaginary Cuckold (2021), The Servant of Two Masters (2021), Harvey (2020), and Miss Nelson is Missing (2020). He is astronomically grateful for his loved ones who have supported him throughout this entire journey, and he wants to give special gratitude and love to Kristina Rivera, Chiki Wikis, and Boo for being his everything in life. He hopes you all enjoy the performance!!

Christian Lucas
Ed, Understudy for Man Behind Counter/ Drunk One/Man with Socks, Assistant Scenic Designer, Master Carpenter

Christian Lucas is a senior BFA Acting Major at Avila. He transferred from Independence Community college where he earned his AA degree while focusing on theatre. In independence he played; Tom in The Glass Menagerie, Peter in Silent Sky, Orcus in She Kills Monsters, and Zamir in Why Torture is Wrong and the People Who Love Them. At Avila he has played; Greg in Sylvia, Lewis/ensemble in Pippin, Wilson in Harvey, and Fernando Gomez in Servant Of Two Masters. While acting is his true passion he loves carpentry as well. He is the Master Carpenter for Curious Incident and our spring musical. He has also been an assistant scenic designer for multiple shows while at Avila. He was an assistant director for KCAT’s The Pests over his winter break as well! He is very excited to be playing Ed in his last play at Avila before he graduates! He would like to thank his family, carpenters, and his teachers for helping him get through college and helping prepare him for what is his dream profession. He also wants to give a huge shoutout to Bill Warren for everything he has done to make this show what it is, and Adrianna Wendel for being his rock through some very stressful times. He hopes that this show will help give new perspectives that a lot of people don’t usually see about the mind of a person on the spectrum and hopes that everyone enjoys all of the humor and twists.

Garland Moore

Garland Moore is a senior at Avila University and is a Bachelor of Music, studying Voice Performance and Music Tech.

Charlie Parsons
Assistant Sound Design and House Manager

Charlie Parsons is a freshman at Avila University studying theater for directing and producing. He has enjoyed learning more about sound design during The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, especially with localized sound design. Previously, he worked as a writer and actor in 4 seasons of Project: Pride and ensemble in Clue. He has worked as assistant props master for The Imaginary Cuckold, and as a spotlight operator for Sylvia, The Imaginary Cuckold, and Songs For A New World. Charlie would like to thank his friends and family for supporting him throughout his theatrical endeavors, and to the Avila University Theatre department for accepting him with open arms.

Samantha Reiner
Digital Media Designer and Front of House

Samantha Reiner is a first-year student studying Technical Theatre and Design. Samantha was one of the Co-Designers for Digital Media, as well as Front of House for this production. This is Samantha’s third production here at Avila. She has done multiple productions since her freshman year of high school at Sullivan High.

Samantha’s past works include Assistant Costume Designer and Wardrobe Crew for Sylvia (2021) and The Imaginary Cuckold (2021). Costume Designer for It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play (2020). She would like to thank her family for being supportive and loving as well as understanding when she gets very busy and can’t call. She would also love to thank her fellow co-designer Abby Dearing for all the hard work she has put in for this production.

Tinna Rivera
Stage Manager

Tinna Rivera is a fourth-year student studying Technical Theatre and Design. Her passion for theatre began unexpectedly in high school and has grown astronomically as she learns and develops new skills. Tinna was the Stage Manager for this production. She is super excited to be Stage Managing the first Avila Production in the Dave and Geri Frantze Family Black Box!

Tinna’s past works at Avila include Sound Designer for The Imaginary Cuckold (2021), Stage Manager for Pippin (2021), and Lighting Designer and Assistant Stage Manager for Harvey (2020). She wants to thank her family for understanding why she never comes home and loving her still as well as Tyler Lindquist, Chiki, and Boo. Their constant support and affection make life as a busy college student much more bearable.

Tucker Rushing
Man Behind Counter/ Drunk One/Man with Socks, Understudy for Christopher Boone, Electrician

Tucker Rushing is a First-Year Student at Avila studying acting. Tucker is an ensemble member and plays Man Behind Counter, Drunk 1, and Man with Socks. This show means a lot to him as it was the first professional show he ever saw that resonated with him and he has loved working with the cast and crew to do this show justice.

Tucker’s past roles include Gros René in The Imaginary Cuckold at Avila University (2021) A Police Officer in Disney’s Newsies for The Kansas City Cappies (2021) Tucker would like to thank his family for their constant support and patience and his friends for always being there.

McKenna Sanford
Mrs. Shears/Punk Girl/Station Guard, US for Voice Five/Mrs. Gascoyne/Shopkeeper, and Costume crew

McKenna is a Freshman Musical Theatre major who’s thrilled to be performing in the brand new Dave and Geri Frantze Family Black Box. You may have seen her as the titular role in Sylvia, last October, or her involvement with The Imaginary Cuckold as the Celie u/s. Other notable credits include The Sound of Music (Maria), The Little Mermaid (Ariel), Beauty and the Beast (Belle), Newsies (Katherine), Peter and the Starcatcher (Molly), and August: Osage County (Jean). For her performances in Newsies, Peter and the Starcatcher, and August: Osage County, McKenna was nominated by BroadwayWorld for her work. What she enjoyed most about The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time was the representation it brings to people who identify with having a disability. It allows the freedom to have open conversations and as such, explore inclusivity and diversity.

Shannon Smith-Regnier
Costume Designer

Shannon Smith-Regnier is a Kansas City-based costume Designer. She received her MFA in Costume Design from Ohio University as well as her BFA from Wichita State University. She Interned with Martin Pakledinaz on the Broadway revival of Anything Goes (2011, NYC). Some KC design credits include Spinning Tree Theater, Theatre in the Park, Kansas City Regional Theatre, KCAT, Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre, Quality Hill, and the American Heartland Theater. She has also guest designed at Kansas University and Wichita State University. She worked as a stitcher in the costume shop at Glimmerglass Opera for two summers and has also designed and worked in the shop and on wardrobe many summers with Music Theater of Wichita. In 2011, she received the Zelma Weisfeld award from USITT for her costume designs. (

Ta’ja Snipes
Assistant Stage Manager and Assistant Scenic Designer

Ta’ja Snipes is a first-year student studying Technical Theater Design & Management. This was her first time being an assistant stage manager as well as an assistant scenic designer for this production. Ta’ja previously was on the properties crew for The Imaginary Cuckold and helped around whenever she could. These experiences have kept Ta’ja on her toes, but she loves learning along the way.

Darwyn Thompson

Darwyn Thompson is a freshman from Mount Vernon, Missouri. Darwyn is majoring in Film and Digital Media and minoring in Theater (Directing/Producing). He was a carpenter and on the run crew for Sylvia. He was also an electrician for The Imaginary Cuckold. This will be his third production with Avila Theatre.

William Grey Warren
Director and Fight Choreographer

William Grey Warren (Director) Bill has been directing at Avila for more years than he’s willing to admit. A few of his favorite productions are AIDA, MIRACLE WORKER, INTO THE WOODS, TALK RADIO, GYPSY, THE HISTORY OF AMERICA ABRIDGED, THE NERD, and last year’s online production of A SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS. Bill has an MFA from UMKC in Acting and Directing and he teaches not only at Avila, but also in the North Kansas City School district. He got his teaching certificate from Avila-so he’s an Alumnae. When he’s not teaching or directing Bill also acts. Bill was last seen onstage Tom in MAKING GOD LAUGH on the American Heartland stage as well as Ben Hecht in MOONLIGHT AND MAGNOLIAS. Other Heartland shows include MOUSETRAP, SHEAR MADNESS, and HENCEFORWARD. Prior to MAKING GOD LAUGH, he was seen as Mellersh in ENCHANTED APRIL at the MET. Bill has been seen at the Okoboji Summer Theatre in LAST OF THE RED HOT LOVERS and as Mr. Banks, in FATHER OF THE BRIDE, Gary in I HATE HAMLET, Floyd in LOVE, SEX AND THE I.R.S., Boolie in DRIVING MISS DAISEY, Mr. Bennet in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, Captain Keller in MIRACLE WORKER, and Bill in ON GOLDEN POND. Bill has also been seen at the Old Lryic Repertory Company in Utah playing the dog crazed owner, Greg in SYLVIA, Crestwell in RELATIVE VALUES, Loyd in NOISES OFF, Underling in the DROWSY CHAPERONE, and Felix in the ODD COUPLE. Bill has been seen as Caska in JULIUS CEASER, and the Prince in ROMEO AND JULIET in the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival. Bill is also a Fight Director in Kansas City and has choreographed fights on almost every main stage theatre in the area including, Starlight, New Theatre, Heartland Theatre, and the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival. Bill has been a member of the Society of American Fight Directors and has been teaching Stage Combat for many years at Avila University-and he can still do a roll. Bill’s favorite Avila fight credits were choreographing fights for Zombies in, “Night of the Living Dead.” Sometimes wearing all the different hats makes Bill have a personality disorder, but Bill’s best role is husband to Jean and father to Emma and Andrew and he thanks them for all their support.

Kaitlyn White
Assistant Sound Designer and Sound Board Op

Kaitlyn is a second-year student studying Theatre Design and Technology. She is excited to be working on sound for the first time at Avila as Assistant Sound Designer and Sound Board Operator. Some of Kaitlyn’s past works at Avila include Stage Manager for The Imaginary Cuckold, Asst. Lighting Designer and Light Board Op. for Sylvia, and Asst. Stage Manager for Harvey. Kaitlyn would like to thank her family for supporting her from afar and appreciating the time she gets to be with them.

Lynn Winkler
Voice Five/Mrs. Gascoyne/Shopkeeper, US for Voice Six/Mrs. Alexander/Lady in Street/Woman on Train and Mrs. Shears/Punk Girl/Station Guard, and Costumes crew

Lynn Winkler is a Senior at Avila University. For The Curious Incident of the Dog at Nighttime, they play the role of Mrs. Gascoyne, along with other ensemble parts. Previously they have been in The Imaginary Cuckold, from last year, and Pippin, from the year before. They are an Acting major, and feel very bittersweet about this being their last semester, but they are excited for more opportunities to come.

Molly Zagorski
Master Electrician

Molly Zagorski is continuing her education at Avila University to obtain a Theatre (BA) and Secondary Education (BA). Her collegiate education began in 2002 at The Illinois Institute of Art, where she studied Apparel Design. In 2004 she continued her education at Kansas State University, where she studied Mass Communication. She holds a current License of Cosmetology in the states of Kansas and Missouri. Molly has spent the majority of her work career as an Event Coordinator. She has assumed the roles of House Manager and Costume Crew for previous Avila productions. She is grateful to have the opportunity as Master Electrician for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Molly would like to thank her professors and fellow students for challenging her on a daily basis. She would also like to thank her family, especially her husband and three children, for inspiring her to follow her dreams.

Davin Zamora
Sound Designer and Reverend Peters/Policeman/Station Policeman

Davin is a sophomore here at Avila. He is majoring in Theater with a concentration in Acting and Directing/Producing. He is very excited for you to see this amazing show! Davin was previously HEARD as the sound designer for Sylvia. His stage credits at Avila include EJ Lofgren in Harvey, Milo/Hazel in The Servant of Two Masters, a player in Pippin, and Sganarelle in Moliere’s The Imaginary Cuckold. Davin would like to thank his family and friends for being so supportive during the rehearsal process, and Professor Matt Schwader Harbor for helping him further his acting abilities every day.

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