Measure for Measure

By William Shakespeare

February 23, 24, & 25, 2023, at 7:30 pm
February 26, 2023, at 2 pm

Goppert Performing Arts Center
Frantze Family Blackbox Theatre
Avila University
11901 Wornall Road
Kansas City, MO 64105


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Seniors — $8
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Who’s Who

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Director’s Notes

Measure for Measure explores themes of morality, justice, and the abuse of power, metaphors for the shifts in the political climate we see happen throughout time. In the early 1600s, when this play was written, the Puritans in England began advocating for a simpler, godlier society based on their strict moral code.

While preparing for our production, I was reminded of the conservative backlash in the U.S. during the 1980s. This movement attempted to impose moral codes and limit reproductive rights in response to the perceived excesses of the 1970s. The punk scene in the ‘80s was largely a countercultural response to the conservative political and social climate of the era. In their music and fashion, punk musicians and fans embraced a Do-It-Yourself ethos, rejecting the polished and commercialized pop culture of the time.

Just as a pendulum, political climates swing between periods of more liberal and permissive attitudes, followed by periods of more conservative and moralistic attitudes. In the play Measure for Measure and the United States during the 1980s, the pendulum of political and social values swings from one extreme to the other. Shakespeare’s play remains as relevant today as ever, while discussions surrounding morality, gender roles, justice, and government regulation continue to shape our society.

I am so proud of our student theatre-makers, who have brought this story to life, exploring these important themes and providing a powerful tool for reflection and understanding as well as telling a complex and powerful story.

—Matt Schwader Harbor, Director


Duke VincentioRichard Bertoldie
Lady EscalusOlivia Loren
AngeloTyler Lindquist
FrothIzaak Kimsey
LucioDay Zamora
Mistress OverdoneTaylor Williams
Pompey/Friar PeterKyle Hammond
ProvostIsabella Brauner
ClaudioTucker Rushing
JulietDevin Donohue
Officer/PunkLauren Taylor
Friar Thomas/Punk/AttendantTori Bestor
IsabellaRachel Howard
Fransica/Abhorson/Punk/OfficerGabby Dawn
Elbow/BarnardineGavin Merrill
Marianna/PunkJazmin Havens

Production Staff

DirectorMatt Schwader Harbor
Assistant DirectorAri Hernadez
Scenic DesignerJohn Dylon Rohr
Properties DesignerOlivia Loren
Costume DesignerShannon Reigner
Lighting DesignerKaitlyn White
Sound DesignerAri Hernadez
Stage ManagerTalia Hinckley
Technical DirectorJohn Dylon Rohr
Assistant Stage ManagerGabrielle Fast
Assistant Scenic DesignerKelsey Harms
Assistant Properties DesignerLauren Taylor
Assistant Costume DesignerSamantha Reiner
Assistant Lighting DesignerAbigail Dearing
Front of House Supervisor Allie Hornbostel

Production Crew

Scenic Change ArtistsRachel Howard, Ari Hernandez
PaintersKelsey Harms, Gabriella Fast, Ta’ja Snipes, Day Zamora, Alex Valdez
Head CarpenterDay Zamora
CarpentersKelsey Harms, Kyle Hammond, Ta’ja Snipes, Gaby Dawn, Eleanor Francis, Alex Valdez
CostumesTori Bestor, Miriam Gleeson, Molly Zagorski, Isabella Brauner, Devin Donohue, Heidi Jane
Head ElectricianEleanor Frances
ElectriciansKaitlyn White, Abigail Dearing, Miriam Gleeson, Tucker Rushing, Stage Lighting Class
Light Board OperatorMiriam Gleeson
Sound Board OperatorAbigail Dearing
Run Crew ManagerTa’ja Snipes
Run CrewParis Johnson, Cast
Wardrobe ManagerSamantha Reiner
Wardrobe CrewGaby Dawn, Molly Zagorski
Production OfficeRichard Bertoldie, Miriam Gleeson, Ari Hernandez, Paris Johnson, Gaby Dawn, Emily Nunez, Day Zamora
House ManagerAri Hernandez
Front of HouseTa’ja Snipes, Paris Johnson, Tori Bestor

Performing Arts Faculty

Dean of the College of Arts and SciencesDr. Darrin Smith
Chair of Performing ArtsDr. Amity Bryson
Director of Performance StudiesMatt Schwader Harbor
Director of Design and TechnologyJohn Dylon Rohr
Adjunct FacultyJim Fletcher
Hope Goertzen
John Livingston
Gene Mackey
Dr. Aaron Redburn
Shannon Smith-Regnier

Special Acknowledgments

  • Advancement Office 
  • Brandon Williams
  • Great Western Dining 
  • Leslie Dorrough Smith, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Chair of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department
  • Maintenance and Housekeeping
  • Office of Marketing and Communication 
  • Manon Haliburton Photography, Student Headshots
  • Brian Paulette Photography, Production Photos

Arts at Avila


Freddy T. Acevedo
Chioma Anyanwu
Ezekiel Bocklage ’17
Cara Davis
Mrs. Rose Marie Falco ’47
Darby L. Gough
Allison Hornbostel ’19
Dr. Ned Kellenberger
John & Paige Livingston
Dr. Marcia, Jean & Rosie Pasqualini
Drs. Aaron & Shannon Redburn
Kristy Ruf & Tim Davison
Shannon Smith-Regnier


Dr. Wendy & John Acker
Carol & Dan Davis
Mrs. Laurie Dearing
Troy & Paige Illum
Paul & Mary LeCluyse
Gene & Sheryl Mackey
Alicia & Randy Murillo
Prof. Benjamin Pascoe, M.F.A.
Blair & Sue Penney
Dr. Regina ’95 & Ryan L. Staves ’09
Diana & Jim Taylor
Susan & Chris Winters
Mr. & Mrs. Sabin Yanez


Dr. Alexandra & Bill Adams
Fr. Keith Branson C.P.P.S.
Dr. James Brauer
Dr. Amity H. Bryson
Mr. William M. ’18 & Mrs. Jean M. Buchanan ’76, ’18
Dr. James and Hanen Burkee
Lauren E. Chiodo-Benmuvhar ’04
Carol K. Coburn, Ph.D.
Mr. Bob Crow & Mrs. Belinda R. Troxler ’88
Roderick J. & Jo Anne Cyr Foundation
Dr. Angela J. Danley ’96
Mrs. Amy & Mr. Jeremy Drouin
Mr. Joseph T. ’16 & Mrs. Susan Fahey
Jim Fletcher & Carol Cowles
Dave ’76 & Geri Frantze
Leah K. Gensheimer, Ph.D.
Vita Goppert Charitable Trust
Mr. Rick & Dr. Charlene Gould, CSJA
Matt Schwader Harbor
Dr. Andy Jett & Brad Ozias
Dr. Stacy Keith
Drs. Larry & Jan Marsh
Dr. Sue Ellen McCalley
Mr. Nick & Dr. Amy Milakovic
Maggie Mohrfeld and David Davis
Anya, Suzanne & Dr. Jeffrey Myers
Mr. Dennis & Ann M. O’Hare
Kellie Quesada
John Dylon Rohr
Robert M. Scoles ’88
Victor E. & Caroline E. Shutte Foundation
Dr. Ronald A. & Mrs. Suzanne Slepitza
Dr. Darrin Smith
Mr. Thomas E. ’06 & Mrs. Stephanie M. Sullivan ’08
Dr. Jordan Wagge & Mr. Richard Snedegar
Jim & Dr. Sue Willcox
Dave and Ginny Woy

Ticket Information

Reserve tickets by calling the Box Office at 816.501.3699 for more information.

Evening performances begin at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday matinee performances begin at 2 p.m.

Season Tickets

Regular — $30
Seniors — $28

Regular Tickets

Regular — $10
Seniors — $8
Non-Avila Students — $8
Avila Students — FREE

Children under 10 receive free entry at all Avila Performing Arts events

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