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May 6, 2022

Avila Assistant Professor Lida Khalafi Wins Nationwide Grant

Avila Assistant Professor Lida Khalafi, Ph.D.

Avila Assistant Professor Lida Khalafi, Ph.D., was recently awarded the Undergraduate Analytical Research Program (UARP) grant ($10,000) from the Society of Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh (SACP). This grant is awarded to promote high-quality, innovative undergraduate research in the field of analytical chemistry. This grant aims to promote the training and development of undergraduate students in the field of analytical chemistry.

“The title of the proposal is “Spectroelectrochemistry under Microscope: Visualizing the Diffusion Layer and Electrode Processes,” and the goal is a visualization of the electrode reactions for better understanding of electrochemical processes, the processes related to batteries, solar cells, electric cars, and affecting our everyday lives,” said Khalafi.

“This is a competitive grant, and only three people get this grant every year nationwide. Winning means the committee found the idea innovative and valuable in the training of undergraduate researchers. The grant will allow me and the students to perform and practice high-quality research at Avila University.”

“This is a nationally recognized society for analytical chemistry,” said Darrin Smith, Ph.D. dean of the college of science and health. “This is a significant accomplishment for the work that she performs with Avila University students!”

The application requires a high-quality, innovative undergraduate research proposal in the field of analytical chemistry. Eligible applicants are chemistry faculty at U.S. colleges and universities with an undergraduate program in the chemical sciences.

Khalafi is invited to attend the SACP/ACS Awards Dinner on Monday, May 25, 2022. The dinner will be held in the Duquesne University Power Center in Pittsburgh, PA, where she will be presented with a check and certificate. She plans to present the research supported by the grant at scientific conferences and events.

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