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January 10, 2022

Q&A: Vladamir Sainte, MSOD student

Vladamire Sainte, MSOD student
Vlad Sainte.

Vladamir Sainte comes to Avila’s Organizational Development program as a licensed clinical social worker. “I have worked on a micro-level to provide best practices for clients,” said Sainte. “With this degree, I will be able to elevate these best practices on a macro-level, where the organization will be my client.”

“The opportunity to learn new skills to assist organizations toward a healthy state of functioning is the one reason that reigns supreme as to why I’m interested in the MSOD program.”

Any surprises so far?

“I was surprised at the technology and how simple it is submitting assessments.”

What experience stands out about Avila’s Master’s program?

“This program works alongside my value of having a healthy work, life balance,” said Sainte. “Working 40 plus hours a week, and parenting two children under the age of eight do not allow room for engaging in extracurricular activities. However, this program understands the imperative need for a functional balance.”

“You work at your own pace. Classes are truly designed around one’s need, making it student-centered.”

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