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October 29, 2019

Avila to Offer Undergraduate Degree in Cybersecurity

Avila University announced today a new program offering Bachelors of Science in Cybersecurity. The program provides a unique blend of theoretical and practical instruction, preparing its graduates to make an immediate impact in the continually-evolving field of cybersecurity.

The curriculum for the degree is designed to the specifications of the National Security Agency’s Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAE-IAE) and with the industry experience of a nine-organization advisory board comprised of national cybersecurity firms, corporate data security departments, and a U.S. Government agency. Graduates will be prepared for careers in secure programming, network security, cryptography and other careers.

“The addition of cybersecurity as a degree major for our students is another example of Avila University ensuring its graduates remain vital to the sustained and secure operations of the industries essential to the Kansas City economy,” said Ron Slepitza Ph.D., CSJA, Avila University President. “Throughout its history, Avila has been a key incubator of talent for businesses in the Midwest and this addition is testament to our continued investment in the success of our community.”

Instructors Khaled Alrawashdeh, Ph.D. assistant professor of computer science, and William Moran, visiting instructor of computer science and software engineering, will provide more than 40 years of academic and professional experience and know-how to students in the program.

“We have designed the cybersecurity program to not only meet the current needs in the field, but to give our graduates the tools to adapt to a rapidly changing branch of our nation’s infrastructure,” Alrawashdeh said. “We’re focused on developing our students’ analytical skills in tandem with hands-on training to make sure they not only have a job out of college, but a career.”

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