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September 4, 2019

Nicole Esquibel quoted by Boulder Daily Camera on ‘Los Seis de Boulder’ Sculpture

Movie poster for Jamas Olvidados

Nicole Esquibel, MFA, was quoted about the installation of a sculpture on the University of Colorado campus honoring the victims of car bombings in Boulder in the mid-1970s. ‘Los Seis de Boulder’ were a group of six students at the University who fought for better treatment through the United Mexican American Students. Esquibel’s documentary “Neva Romero: Jamas Olvidados,” focuses on one of the bombing victims. “There was a generation of young people who made significant strides over a short period in the socioeconomic system,” Esquibel said. “They were children of migrants and they went on to become lawyers and judges and doctors and journalists and college professors. … They went back to those towns after graduating and became civic leaders.”

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