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Resiliency: Overcoming Obstacles & Tackling Stress Workshop

Photo collage showing three different size workshops available - large conference, smaller team, and virtual meetings
The Workforce Development Academy workshops are tailored to your needs and your team. Workshops are available for large, organizational meetings, smaller team meetings, and virtual presentations.

Workshop available through the Workforce Development Academy at Avila University

Resiliency: Overcoming Obstacles and Tackling Stress


In this four-week workshop, we will examine the impact change has on your life and helps you understand the effects stress places on key relationships in both your professional and personal life.

We will take an in-depth view of resiliency and identify actions to strengthen your ability to tackle the problems and issues you face on a daily basis. You will have the opportunity to honestly assess your level of resiliency and be given tools that equips you to minimize the negative effects that often occur with changes and stress.

Who Should Attend

All Levels

Dates of Workshop

April 22
April 29
May 6
May 9

11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Central

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