the Imaginary cuckhold by moliere

The Imaginary Cuckhold

By Moliere
Translated into English by Richard Wilbur

November 18, 19, 20 at 7:30 pm
November 21 at 2 pm

The Bill & Jean Buchanan Stage
Goppert Performing Arts Center
Avila University
11901 Wornall Road
Kansas City, MO 64105

Face masks and social distancing are required.


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Non-Avila Students — $8
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Who’s Who

Learn more about the Imaginary Cuckold’s cast, staff, and crew!

Director’s Notes

The Imaginary Cuckold, also known as Sganarelle, like all of Moliere’s works, is a comedy of manners. With its twists and turns, one might also consider it a comedy of intrigue. The play is one-act, consisting of twenty-four scenes, with no intermission. It premièred on May 28th, 1660, at the Théâtre du Petit-Bourbon, which was the first theatre the troupe of Molière used after their return to Paris, in 1658.

Molière’s comedies were influenced heavily by Italian Commedia dell’arte troupes touring Europe. Commedia dell’arte spread all around Europe starting in the 1570s and was almost as at home in France as in Italy. We wanted to pay homage to these roots by incorporating a series of lazzi into the production. Since Imaginary Cuckold is only one act, sophomore Ariana Hernandez, at my request, took the lead in working with our “Commedia Cast” to develop a secondary story, while senior Stephanie Hatesohl and I rehearsed the play proper. We then folded the two together. I am very excited for you to see the results.

If there is a lesson at all presented in this play, I believe it is that we as individuals are never privy to the whole story when it comes to other people – even those closest to us. When we act out of passion, neglecting calm reason and a willingness to compassionately listen to one another, we can easily slide into assuming the worst of those around us. While that may be a simple truth, it isn’t always an easy thing to remember in the moment. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if we could all take a moment, recognize ourselves in others, and then just have a laugh together at our all-too-common follies?

As Sganarelle reminds us… “Remember my example and be wise: When things look simple, don’t believe your eyes.”

—Matt Schwader Harbor, Director


Davin Zamora
Richard Bertoldie
Sganarelle’s Wife, “Suzette”
Rachel Howard
Ariana Givens
Danielle Adcock
McKenna Sanford
Gaby Dawn
Daniel Hicks
Tyler Lindquist
Tucker Rushing
Tucker Rushing
Ariana Hernandez
Isabella Brauner
Ariana Hernandez
Mme Villebrequin
Lynn Winkler
Kathryn Sade
The Relative, “Mme Essay”
Kathryn Sade
Richard Bertoldie
Izaak Kimsey
EnsembleDaniel Hicks

Live Musicians

ViolaRansom Ward
DJBrandon Williams

Production Staff

DirectorMatt Schwader Harbor
Live Musician SupervisorDr. Michalis Koutsoupides
Scenic DesignerTyler Lindquist
Costume DesignerShannon Smith-Regnier
Lighting DesignerTalia Hinckley
Sound DesignerTinna Rivera
Properties DesignerIsabella Brauner
DramaturgAdrianna Wendel
Stage ManagerKaitlyn White
Lazzi Dance ChoreographyAriana Hernandez
Final Dance/Curtain Call ChoreographyDanielle Adcock
Technical Director
Assistant DirectorsAriana Hernandez, Stephanie Hatesohl
Assistant Stage ManagersGabriella Fast, Ariana Hernandez
Assistant Scenic DesignersChristian Lucas, Rachel Howard
Assistant Costume DesignersSamantha Reiner, Abby Dearing
Box Office SupervisorAlexandra Pilley

Production Crew

Scenic Change ArtistRachel Howard
Paint CrewAdrianna Wendel, Gabriella Fast, Gaby Dawn, Ellie Peoples, Merriam Gleeson
Props CrewCharlie Parsons, Ta’ja Snipes, Lynn Winkler
Master CarpentersChristian Lucas, Tyler Lindquist
CarpentersTucker Rushing, Izaak Kimsey, Davin Zamora, Gaby Dawn
CostumesKelsey Harms, Danielle Adcock, Molly Zagorski, Hannah Zimmerman, Reggie Black
ElectriciansRichard Bertoldie, Darwyn Thompson, Abby Dearing
Light Board OperatorAbby Dearing
Spotlight OperatorsEllie Peoples, Charlie Parsons
Sound Board OperatorTinna Rivera
Sound SupervisorHannah Zimmerman
Run CrewIzaak Kimsey, Ta’ja Snipes, Ellie Peoples, Charlie Parsons
Wardrobe CrewSamantha Reiner, Kelsey Harms, Ariana Givens
Production OfficeMatt Schwader Harbor, Adrianna Wendel, Tinna Rivera, Stephanie Hatesohl
House ManagerMcKenna Sanford
Box OfficeTalisha Williams, Daniel Hicks

Performing Arts Faculty

Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesDr. Charlene Gould
Chair of Performing ArtsDr. Amity Bryson
Director of Performance StudiesMatt Schwader Harbor
Director of Design and Technology
Artist in ResidenceDr. Michalis Koutsoupides
Adjunct FacultyChioma Anyanwu
Jim Fletcher
Hope Goertzen
Nicole Green
John Livingston
Gene Mackey
Andy Perkins
Dr. Aaron Redburn
Kristina Ruf
Shannon Smith-Regnier
Dana Woolard-Hughlett
Alexandra Pilley

Special Acknowledgments

Advancement Office
Belinda Troxler and Bob Crow
Maintenance and Housekeeping
Great Western Dining
Office of Marketing and Communication
Dr. Felicia Londre, President of KC Moliere: 400 in 2022
Quentin Rivera

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Blair & Sue Penney
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Diana & Jim Taylor
Nancy J. White
Susan & Chris Winters
Mr. & Mrs. Sabin Yanez


Anonymous gift in honor of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet
Walter Brandes
Dr. Amity H. Bryson
Bill & Jean Buchanan
Lauren E. Chiodo-Benmuvhar
Carol K. Coburn, Ph.D.
Constance M. Cooper Charitable Foundation
Mr. Bob Crow & Mrs. Belinda R. Troxler
Roderick J. & Jo Anne Cyr Foundation
Carol Davis
Joseph & Susan Fahey
Dave & Geri Frantze
Vita Goppert Charitable Trust
Richard & Charlene Gould
Dr. Andy Jett & Brad Ozias
Drs. Larry & Jan Marsh
Anya, Suzanne & Dr. Jeffrey Myers
Robert M. Scoles 88’
Victor E. & Caroline E. Shutte Foundation
Dr. Ronald A. & Mrs. Suzanne Slepitza
Dr. Jordan Wagge
Jim & Sue Willcox
David & Ginny Woy

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Reserve tickets by calling the Box Office at 816.501.3699 for more information.

Evening performances begin at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday matinee performances begin at 2 p.m.

Season Tickets

Regular — $30
Seniors — $28

Regular Tickets

Regular — $10
Seniors — $8
Non-Avila Students — $8
Avila Students — FREE

Children under 10 receive free entry at all Avila Performing Arts events

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