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March 9, 2023

Avila University Partners with the Resilience-Building Leader Program (RBLP) for a New Leadership Certification Training

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Resilience-Building Leader Program, the certification body for the Resilience-Building Leadership Professional® (RBLP™) series of leadership certifications, today announces an exciting partnership with Avila University, Kansas City, Missouri.

As an RBLP Authorized Education Partner, Avila University will add the Building and Leading Resilient Teams certificate program to its offerings. This program provides students with the knowledge and skills required to build and lead resilient teams in organizations of any size in any industry.

Students who complete the Building and Leading Resilient Teams certificate program at Avila University will be prepared to sit for one of the Resilience-Building Leadership Professional® (RBLP™) certification exams.

“We are looking forward to our partnership with Avila University says Dr. Gene Coughlin, the founder and CEO at RBLP. “The ability to build and lead resilient teams has never been more important. Resilient teams are the key to both individual and organizational resilience. Resilient teams are stronger together, and they make learning and change possible. Our purpose at RBLP is to share this truth with leaders everywhere.”

“Leadership is something that is really at the forefront of professional conversations today, so it’s great to collaborate with the RBLP team to bring their training to Avila University. With our diverse student base and our commitment to the wider community, it’s clear that this program will help re-enforce the work we’re doing to serve our ‘Dear Neighbor’ and be Kansas City’s university of access.” Andy Jett, Ed.D, dean of the college of professional schools at Avila University.

About Resilience-Building Leader Program (RBLP) RBLP’s mission is to certify front-line supervisors (RBLP), middle managers (RBLP-C), and senior leaders (RBLP-T) in Building and Leading Resilient Teams. To learn more about RBLP, please visit: www.resiliencebuildingleader.com

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