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September 19, 2019

Nursing Hosts Healthcare Simulation Week Demonstrations

Student with stethoscope participated in nursing simulation

The school welcomed visitors to its Nursing Education and Resource Center (NERC), which provides its students practice opportunities in nursing interventions and clinical reasoning through simulation. As part of the open house, students showed how the simulators worked and gave demonstrations of skills such as IV insertion and assessments.

“Healthcare Simulation Week is an opportunity for us to show the public and prospective students the fantastic resources Avila offers its nursing students,” said nursing instructor Angel Yunez, RN, MSN, CHSE. “As one of the oldest programs in the Kansas City area, we have a long tradition of preparing our nurses for the situations they’ll face in the field. To prepare the nurse of the future, we depend on these simulators to provide a wide variety of clinical experiences, in addition to community-based clinical experiences.”

The school’s five simulators are an essential part of the training Avila provides its nursing students. The newest simulator, nicknamed “Susie”, was acquired in 2017 and provides the newest, most state-of-the-art dynamic feedback to help prepare future nurses for real-life situations. Additionally, the school has a birthing simulator, “Noelle,” and an infant simulator, “Baby.”

Healthcare Simulation Week, taking place from September 16-20, was begun to celebrate the importance of simulation toward improving safety, effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare delivery. Avila is one of the many Institutions from around the world taking part in this year’s observance, the first year it has taken part.

For more information about Avila’s School of Nursing, please visit its homepage, https://www.www.avila.edu/academics/schools-colleges/school-of-nursing.

For more information about Healthcare Simulation Week, please visit https://www.ssih.org/Professional-Development/Healthcare-Simulation-Week-2019.

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