Schedule a Tutoring Session

How to Schedule a Face-to-Face Tutoring Appointment

How To Schedule a Face-to-Face Tutoring Appointment

Note: Face-To Face Tutoring begins after the first full week of classes.

  • Go to the following website:
  • Log in using your Avila username and password.
  • Select enrollment term at the top right corner of the page.
  • Click on the “Get Tutoring” button located at the top, right of the screen (see below).
  • Select the course you wish to receive tutoring in (if you need help with time management or study skills, just choose these options rather than a class) and then click “Next”

*If there is no face-to-face tutoring for the course you selected, consider using the online tutoring, TutorMe, or contact the Hodes Center at 816-501-3666.

  • Select the location (tutoring is available in the Hodes Center or Learning Commons, and additional options are available for time management and study skills).
  • Select a tutor. If you do not have a preference, click “Next,” which will show you all tutors available.
  • Select the day and time for your tutoring appointment (you can view upcoming weeks by clicking on the arrow button) and click “Next”
  • Add additional comments to send to your tutor (for example, details on what you would like to work on) AND indicate if you would like to be sent an email or text reminder (see below).
  • When completed with the page, click “Confirm Appointment” on the bottom, right of the screen.

How to CANCEL a Face-to-Face Tutoring Appointment

  • Go to the following website:
  • Log in to the website using your Avila username and password.
  • You will see “Upcoming Tutor Appointments” on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Click on the appointment you need to cancel.
  • Click “Cancel My Attendance”

For questions, contact the Hodes Center at 816-501-3666 or stop by!


How to Schedule an Online Tutoring Appointment

How to Schedule an Online Tutoring Session

Online tutoring (TutorMe) is available at any time

How to Access TutorMe:

  • Go to any course in Canvas. (No need to go to the course you need help in, any course will work.)
  • Click on TutorMe link located near the bottom of the menu on the left side of your screen.

How to Prepare for a TutorMe Session

    • The ideal computer set-up will include a microphone and camera

    • No access to a computer with a microphone and/or camera? That’s ok!
      • TutorMe sessions can be conducted completely through the messenger component of the platform
      • There is an option to use just audio or just visual with messenger.
    • No Computer? That’s ok!
      • The Learning Commons has designated computers for TutorMe.
      • Laptop check-outs are available through the Learning Commons.
      • Computers are available for use in Hodes.
      • You will have the option to upload a document at the beginning of your session
      • You can share files with your tutor at any time throughout your session
      • Don’t have your assignment saved on your computer?
        • You can scan documents in Hodes
        • You can take a picture of your document and upload
        • Before beginning a session, you will be asked to list any assignments and/or questions you want to discuss

The more details you give, the more the more help your tutor can give you!

Four Components Available During Sessions:

1. File Sharing
-Upload papers or assignments for help at the beginning or throughout the session

2. Text-Editor
-Either party can edit an uploaded document during the session

3. Code-Editor
-For computer science and/or coding help

4. Whiteboard
-Draw pictures, create a textbox, etc. with your tutor

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  • Internship or Research Guarantee
  • up to $1,000 Travel Award


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