Avila University
AU Spotlight
Submitted April 1, 2009
Peoples Teaches Students To Be Successful

Darby Peoples
Dean of Students
Member of Avila since 2007

Whether cheering on the Avila eagle athletes or creating new student activities, Dean of Students Darby Peoples knows that building successful students is her first priority.

Peoples, who has been a member of the Avila family since 2007, said she hopes to encourage and educate students to become responsible, civic-minded, well-balanced people living in a diverse world.

“I want students to know how to use the tools they have around them to be successful,” Peoples said. “Knowing that gathering information to make the right choice for them is important, and I hope I can help give them the skills to accomplish these things and more.”

Peoples explained that many people helped her through life, and now she gets the chance to do that for students. Lightheartedly, she added that they might not listen now, but she hopes that the topics she has talked about will penetrate and be there when they need it.

"I like working with a student and see them get 'it' –
to have an 'A-ha' moment."

“I have always been focused on wellness and helping to give people the tools to be balanced and whole,” Peoples said.
Working with college students, traveling around the country and getting to know different areas, people and cultures is why Peoples said that she loves her job.

“I like that no two days are the same,” Peoples said. “I like working with a student and see them get ‘it’ – to have an ‘A-ha’ moment.”
Peoples continues that excitement in her personal life as well. Along with husband Eugene, International Student Services Coordinator for Avila, and two daughters Eleanor and Abygail, Peoples enjoys trying new things.

“I have jumped out of airplanes, been shipwrecked while at summer camp, canoed over a whale in the Puget Sound and I used to work NASCAR races for my Kiwanis club,” Peoples said. “I also like to try new things like foods and any outdoors activity.”

Whether encouraging students or not backing down from a challenge, Peoples teaches students to be successful inside the classroom and beyond. AU