Forensic Science

The Forensic Science minor at Avila

If you’re interested in the scientific concepts, techniques, and procedures used to investigate crimes, Avila’s Forensic Science minor is an excellent addition for students majoring in Biology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Criminology & Justice Studies. In addition to learning about the techniques used at a crime scene, the coursework will shed light on criminal justice, the legal system and law enforcement in the United States.

Whatever your academic interest, your Avila professors are there to help you solve any challenges you might face in or out of the classroom. Avila’s outstanding reputation in the Kansas City community and guaranteed internship or research experience will help you get your foot in the door. Meanwhile, small classes and individualized instruction from our highly accomplished faculty ensure you’ll have the knowledge and training you’ll need at graduation to pursue a career and make a difference.

Students inside a science lab
CSI. Forensic science is any science that can be used in the legal system. While some forensic scientists focus on crime scene investigation searching for clues that will help, other investigators use forensic science to figure out what happened. 
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Are you interested in forensic science?

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