Avila University Presidential Search

Avila Search Committee

We are very pleased to share with you the Presidential Search Committee (PSC) which is comprised of 18 members, representing the many stakeholders in the Avila community, including faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, board of councilors, and board of trustees. The PSC is comprised of the following members:

  • David Kerr ’76, Board of Trustees (PSC chair)
  • Sr. Marie Joan Harris, Provost Emerita and Board of Trustees (PSC vice-chair)
  • Dr. Alexandra Adams, Administration – Vice President of Enrollment and Student Success
  • Dr. Ibraheem Badejo ’84, Board of Trustees
  • Lindsay Beardall, College of Science and Health
  • Tom Burns, Board of Trustees
  • Bailey Carr, Staff – Senior Director of Development
  • Phil Smith, Board of Trustees
  • Ken Hager, Board of Trustees
  • Sr. Jeanne Janssen, Board of Trustees
  • Dr. Abigail Lambke, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  • Ellen Martin, Board of Trustees
  • Dr. Sue McCalley, College of Professional Schools 
  • Lisa Sachuvich ’81, Chair of the Board of Trustees 
  • Dr. Darrin Smith, Dean – College of Science and Health
  • Michael Van Dyke, Board of Trustees
  • Jo Linda Vega, ’05 Board of Counselors
  • Malissa Tolliver, University Executive Assistant – campus search coordinator for the Committee
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