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The Department of Law and Justice Studies welcomes Dr. Kristopher Proctor, a new member of our Criminology and Sociology programs.   Dr. Proctor currently holds a post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford and graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a Ph.D. in Sociology (minor areas are Criminology, Sociology Theory, and Higher Education). In addition, he has done field work in Seattle where he managed a community police program in the International District. His research interests focus on theories of criminal behavior and the study of organizations and institutions.

What do you want from your college education? The academic fields of the Department of Law and Justice Studies are united by a common goal: providing OPPORTUNITIES to our students. 


Opportunities to:
Learn more about topics ranging from law enforcement to family life, from legal cases to cultures around the world.

Interact with faculty and students from a wide variety of backgrounds and areas of interest.

Develop the skills and knowledge base that leads to success in future education and careers.

Experience areas of interest through required internships, guest speakers and faculty that are active in their fields and the community.



The majors and minors of the Department of Law and Justice Studies are united by a shared belief in the value of critical thinking, research skills, and the potential of individuals and groups to change the world. The programs provide students with a cohesive, thorough education and opportunities to explore interests outside their primary fields of study.

To prepare you for graduate school, law school and careers, the programs emphasize high quality communication and thinking skills and a value set that embraces diversity, respect for others, and excellence in learning.