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Update: August 12, 2020

Fall 2020 classes will be a mix of in-class/on-campus, remote access, and online formats. You can find the specific mix for your classes by logging into your MyAU course schedule 

If your class is meeting in-class/on-campus, your schedule will list the days, times, and class location.

If your class is not meeting in-class/on-campus, you’ll see the following terms:

  • Internet-INT— this class will meet completely online, without designated meeting times, or days of the week (asynchronous).
  • Internet-ONL — this class will meet online, at specific meeting times and days. Those meeting days and times will also be listed (synchronous).
  • Internet-REM — this is a class that will meet in-class/on-campus, but you’ll have the option of attending class remotely. Remote access will be available synchronously on the day and time the other students are in class. Talk with your professor before attending the class remotely.

If you have questions, contact your academic adviser. Your faculty will also be reaching out over the next week, either through Canvas or email, to provide additional information for each of their courses. 


In-Classroom is the traditional on-campus classroom experience meeting at scheduled days and time with changes to space to accommodate social distancing, required personal protection equipment for students and faculty, and other safety precautions to reduce the risk within the learning environment.  In some cases, this may require moving a class to a larger classroom or may cap a class at a smaller capacity.  Please check your schedule one week prior to the beginning of classes to see if your location has changed.

  • Internet-REM classes allow students the option of attending an in-class scheduled course remotely. 
  • If you are not comfortable sitting in an In-Classroom course, speak with your professor about taking the class in remotely. 


Remote Access Scheduled classes allow students to attend their class through remote access (similar to Zoom) during the scheduled time of the class (synchronous).  Faculty members will send a link to students to access and take part in the class. This format allows students to remain in a remote location while still taking part as if they are in the classroom. This software also allows faculty to lecture capture for students who become ill and need to review the class at a later time. Faculty may also ask students to join the class through Canvas at a scheduled time.

If you are enrolled in an in-classroom or remote access course, you will be expected to attend in-person or virtually at the scheduled time unless you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or other health-related concerns. Please refer to the general university guidelines for how to report health-related concerns.

Internet-INT is an ONLINE, NOT SCHEDULED class

The online format is taught entirely online, with no scheduled meeting times (asynchronous). This format can utilize both web meeting tools for scheduled meeting times or other online components.  This is accomplished through the use of Canvas and accessed by students through the Avila University webpage. Students typically have weekly assignments and activities that must be completed by identified deadlines.


Some professors have set their class format as a combination of the above formats. The hybrid format utilizes online components, scheduled meetings using web meeting tools, and/or face-to-face meetings on campus. Face-to-face meetings held in classrooms will accommodate for social distancing. Your individual professors will inform you of the specific details on how their class will be delivered.

In order to meet the social distancing and personal protection equipment guidelines set by the City of Kansas City and other public health agencies, Avila University may need to alter class formats this fall.

  • It may be necessary to change class times to accommodate social distancing requirements. 
  • Faculty are working to accommodate students and to ensure a high-quality learning environment. 
  • The way the course is offered and its location may change.

You should not attend class if you are not feeling well. Instructors will be flexible on attendance policies and will work with students to access materials needed to be successful in their courses.

We want to keep everyone safe and also help you have an extraordinary experience here at Avila.

  • Faculty will continue to offer office hours either on campus or via web meeting tools to ensure you receive the Avila experience that focuses on your success.
  • All student services will also continue to be available to our explanation of access to these services are available in detail on the Healthy Eagles webpage.
  • If you have questions or concerns, please contact your advisor or
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