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Discipline Specific Open Educational Resources I

Discipline Specific Open-Educational Resources


In the disciine-specific OER links below, you will find a large collection of credible, often used open educational resources.  The links in the subject-dedicated webpages feature textbooks, supplemental materials, and video lectures.  Each resource is introduced by a short paragraph that lists what one can expect to find in that particular resource, its developers and their university affiliations in addition to the usage terms associated with the content. All of the content featured on these pages is free to use, but usage rights vary. Most content found within these pages is released under a Creative Commons license.  Some content is in the public domain and fewer still are under full copyright, but can be linked to or used free of charge.  


This collection is intended to be used to help alleviate the high textbook prices incurred by students, faculty, and staff at Avila University, and also at other educational institutions. Hopefully, users will feel free to adopt these resources or leave constructive comments about the resources found on these pages.  Comments from students and faculty alike will be thoughtfully considered and used to guide the future development of this collection. If you need additional content or are not finding what you need in the provided links, please contact  or call (816)501-3712 for additional help with open resources.

General Open Educational Resource Collections:

OER Commons

The OER Commons was developed to serve educators in discovering, creating, and collaborating around the use, evaluation, and improvement of open educational resources.  Not only can OER Commons help during the hunt for OER, but it can also serve as a place to create resources.  The OER Commons open author tool allows users to combine text, images, audio, and video files into their own customized resource as well as create brand new resources from scratch. Recommended for the Business, Education, History, Life Sciences, Psychology and Sociology subject areas. 


OpenStax CNX (formerly Connexions)

Connexions is an educational content repository and a content management system that can be used to search for and remix learning modules.  The modular nature of Connexions makes remixing or downloading specific pieces of content a seamless task.  Because content can be submitted by anyone, Connexions features what it calls lenses which provide a mechanism for viewing vetted and endorsed contents. Lenses act as a preliminary quality control measure.  This site is not recommended for any specific subject areas, although it is recommended for the OpenStax Textbooks. 


Merlot is a web-based repository of educational material that is free, open, and peer reviewed.  Merlot makes searching for resources easy, as it provides a link to the original content, a description of it, and all associated information such as its intended audience as well as its usage permissions. Merlot also features tools for combining content found within its repository. Recommended for the Business, Education, Music, Political Science and Sociology subject areas. 


Saylor is a modular repository of open educational resources.  Faculty at Saylor compile open educational material from across the web into courses that are modeled after those taught in universities.  Saylor's search feature is a quick way to highlight resources that contain a specific topic.  Recommended  for the Art History, Business, Engineering, History, Political Science and Psychology subject areas. 


Updates and Content Submission

This OER website is continuously being updated.  The quality of resources collected here is a function of feedback submitted by students and faculty.  Found an OER that is not listed in these pages? We would love to hear about it.  Link to it in a comment or send it to


All original content on this page is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. It is not necessary to seek permission to reuse the content, although – per the terms of the license – attribution is required.

Attribution: "Content from University of Oklahoma Libraries."

All linked-to content adheres to its respective license.

Creative Commons License


Current OER Programs & Initiatives

Schools across the nation are pushing for the use of OER in their classrooms. Some colleges and universities have implemented OER initiatives or even "Zero Cost" textbook programs. Please take a moment to browse the lists of current schools who have adopted an OER program or initiative. 

Many of the listed schools provide open use LibGuides and resources to promote better understanding OER and provide suggestions for locating, vetting, and utilizing OER in your own classroom.

The following list is not complete, but a good sampling of the schools throughout the nation that are already working to adopt and, in some cases, create OER on their campus

Schools in Missouri and Kansas

University of Missouri - Not only do they have a robust OER initiative on campus, they also work to ensure many university publications are published as OER and work with Project Gutenberg to add to and update their files of any materials in the Public Domain. 

The University of Missouri - Kansas City (UMKC)

The University of Kansas

Kansas State University

Washington University 

Park University

Metropolitan Community College (all campuses)

Southeast Missouri State University 

St. Louis Community College (all campuses)

The University of Central Missouri

Schools Across the United States

Rice University - Rice was a pioneer in the field of OER, creating one of the first collections of open textbooks (OpenStax). 

Emory University

Rutgers University

The State University of New York (SUNY)

The University of Maryland

Keene State College

The University of New Hampshire

University of Texas - Arlington

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