Jere Smith, MBA, MA, PhD (ABD)

Adjunct Professor

When I was in high school I told a guidance counselor I wanted to teach. He told me to pick something else, that there were no jobs in that area. I began teaching accounting, as an adjunct, while working on my MBA. When I left working full time to be a mom I kept teaching as it was something I enjoyed. Over the years teaching became my full-time work. I have written many accounting and finance courses, developed accounting and business curriculum, and worked as an SME (subject matter expert) for different organizations. I found it interesting that I did pursue a different discipline per the high school counselor’s direction. But eventually ended up being a teacher. My full-time position is as an associate dean at a large university. I adjunct at a few universities occasionally simply because I enjoy it!

Business Management
BS Bus Admin at Univ of State of NY
MBA/Accounting at Keller University
MA Curriculum and Instruction at Southern New Hampshire University
PhD (ABD) Advanced Accounting at Northcentral University
I have edited several accounting texts, worked on business courses and curriculum development.
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