Heather Noble, Ph.D.

Program Director, Master's in Counseling Psychology; Assistant Professor, Psychology Phone 816-501-2969

Dr. Noble is an Assistant Professor and Director of the MS-Counseling Psychology program and Clinical Training. She teaches graduate courses in learning and applying skills with multicultural sensitivity in counseling and assessment. She is also a licensed counseling psychologist in Missouri and Kansas, currently practicing and consulting. Dr. Noble’s areas of interest include counseling and assessing diverse individuals, along with training and supervising graduate students in their clinical work. Her research interests are in mindfulness-based interventions for resiliency, issues navigated by LGBTQ+ populations, and the applications of foundational counseling and helping skills.

PY 605 Helping Relationships I, PY 656 Multicultural Counseling, PY 694 Helping Relationships II, PY 695 Internship
B.A. in Psychology & Biology, Baker University
Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, University of North Texas
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