William Gregory Price, B.S and M.P.H.

Adjunct Professor, Department of Professional Schools

I joined Avila as an Adjunct Professor in Spring, 2022. I have spent most of my career in Leadership roles within the Health Care Industry in both the hospital setting and, in the healthcare financing and administration sectors of the healthcare industry. My graduate thesis focused on Hospice and Adult Day Care programs and covered the evolution of these services as well as the trends and changes that have taken place over time to meet the environmental and demographic changes within our society. I have worked as a consultant for the last eight (8) years with Accenture Consulting where I have led major transformational projects for our clients which also includes not only the delivery of these services by teams globally but also an integration of Artificial Intelligence, process automation, and enhanced reporting and analytical tools to support an intelligence-driven organization.

I enjoy the opportunities that have been provided to me at Avila. I have worked with an amazing group of students in my first quarter as an adjunct professor and hopefully have provided value to the students that will help them in preparation for their short- and long-term career goals and aspirations.

Health Care for the Elderly, Introduction to Health Care Management, Managing Health Care Organizations and Systems
B.S. Stetson University, Majors: Biology and Sociology M.P.H. Columbia University, Concentration: Health Care Administration
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