Sara A Eckinger, MSP

Director of Student Support Services Phone 816-501-2909

Passionately advocating and preventing interpersonal violence, sexual assault, and stalking… and yes, this is how I introduce myself at parties.

Sara has been working in the field of interpersonal violence and substance use for 15 years, and has conducted many speaking engagements and training sessions on domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, bullying, and substance use issues. Her experiences include providing in-school dating violence and bullying curricula to middle through high school, community coalition work, advocacy, and currently power-based violence prevention efforts in higher education. Sara was drawn to the field of prevention in hopes of decreasing the number of individuals impacted by violence in the future.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies from Fort Hays State University and her Masters of Science in Psychology from Avila University.

PY 214, First Year Seminar, and PY 224
BS in Justice Studies -- Fort Hays State University
MS in Psychology -- Avila University
Ashley K. Fansher & Sara Eckinger (2020) Tinder Tales: An Exploratory Study of Online Dating Users and Their Most Interesting Stories, Deviant Behavior, DOI: 10.1080/01639625.2020.1734170
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