Jared Branch, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology Phone 816-501-2447

Dr. Branch is an experimental cognitive psychologist. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in general psychology, cognitive psychology, and research methods. He is the faculty advisor for the graduate psychology club. He runs the Cog Sci Lab and studies the psychology of climate change as well as the relationship of memory and imagination.

General Psychology; Cognitive Psychology; Research Design & Analysis; Minds
B.S.; Psychology, University of Utah, 2008
M.A.; Experimental Psychology, Bowling Green State University, 2017
Ph.D.; Experimental Psychology, Bowling Green State University, 2020


Graduate Instructor of the Year, Bowling Green State University, 2020


McGraw, J.S., Angoff, H.D., Chinn, J., Barnhart, W.R., Lee, B.N., Diggins, E., Jordan, A.K., Branch, J. & Docherty, M. (2021). Stigma and negative mental health outcomes in LGBTQ youth in Utah. Current Psychology.

Branch, J.G. & Zickar, M.J. (2021). Mental time travel into the episodic future, episodic past, and episodic counterfactual past in everyday life. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 35(1), 293-299.

Branch, J.G. & Dubow, E.F. (2021). Research experience in recitation sections within introductory psychology courses: The effectiveness of a semester-long laboratory component. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology. 7(2), 149–159.

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