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Chemical Spills/Fumes/Vapor

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Chemical Spills/Fumes/Vapors


For suspicion of or detection of toxic fumes or vapors and/or the spilling of a hazardous substance on the Avila University campus, please take the following actions. Hazardous substances include chemicals, gasoline, oils, caustic products, and/or cleaning products.

  1. Evacuate the building or area. Do not use elevators.

  2. To avoid sparking of gases, do not pull fire alarm and turn off all electrical switches and devices, including computers. Do not use your cell phone!

  3. Assist the disabled to the nearest stairwell in the building or the closest exit. If able, assist them in exiting the building and gathering in the appropriate outside location. If you are not able to help the disabled exit the building, exit yourself and notify Campus Safety, the police or fire department of the location of the disabled.

  4. From a telephone outside of the affected building, contact Campus Services to assess the situation at 816-501-3629, or after hours call Campus Safety at 816-985-6079.
    • If an emergency exists, call (9)-911.
    • If a spill occurs in any of the science department labs, contact the Lab Manager at 816-501-2919.
  5. Close off the contaminated area to prevent further contamination until the arrival of trained responders/emergency personnel.

  6. Persons who may be contaminated by a spill are to:
    • Seek immediate medical attention (9)-911
    • Avoid contact with others
    • Alert trained responders/emergency personnel of injury

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