Scholarship Bio Form

Scholarship Bio Form &
Donor Thank You Process


You were selected to receive a named scholarship from Avila University, congratulations! As part of the requirements for this scholarship, you will need to complete the form below about yourself and complete one of the three options listed below the form to thank the donor that is funding your scholarship.

Contact the Advancement & Alumni Office with questions at or 816.501.3613.

Scholarship Bio form

donor thank you Submission

You have the following options to complete a thank you for the donor that has funded your scholarship.

1. Come to the Advancement Office on the lower level of Blasco Hall to complete a handwritten Thank You note and have your picture taken.

2. Email the text of your Thank You note and an attached photo of yourself to

3. Record a 20-30 second video of yourself thanking the donor of your scholarship and we will send it them. If you would like to use this option please let us know by emailing

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