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The Servant of Two Masters

A modern twist on Carlo Goldoni’s classic tale!

February 25-27 at 7:30 pm
February 28 at 2 pm

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, The Servant of Two Masters will be performed via Zoom. Contact for link information.


To reserve tickets and receive a Zoom link, please contact our Box Office via telephone at 816.501.3699 or email at


Toni TaylorIsabella Brauner
Diana RaspberryRachel Howard
Fernando GomezChristian Lucas
CharlesDaniel Hicks
Dr. HowellRichard Bertoldie
JaniceDanielle Adcock
Stone HowellTyler Lindquist
BridgetAriana Hernandez
Selma DinaAriana Givens
Hazel / MiloDavin Zamora

Production Staff

DirectorWilliam Grey Warren
Scenic DesignerTyler Lindquist
Costume DesignerShannon Smith-Regnier
Lighting Designer
Sound DesignerEli Peach
Digital Media DesignersHannah Zimmerman
Properties DesignerKatie Hammell
Stage ManagerTinna Rivera
Technical Director
Assistant Stage ManagersAdrianna Wendel, Izaak Kimsey
Assistant Costume DesignerKaitlyn White
Assistant Lighting DesignersKatie Hammell, Talia Hinckley
Assistant Sound DesignerIsabella Brauner
Box Office SupervisorAlexandra Pilley

Production Crew

Production OfficeMatt Schwader Harbor
Tinna Rivera
Adrianna Wendel
Props CrewRachel Howard (Change Artist)
Isabella Brauner
Ariana Givens
Lynn Winkler
CarpentersTyler Lindquist (Master Carpenter)
Christian Lucas
Izaak Kimsey
CostumesKaitlyn White
Danielle Adcock
Ariana Hernandez
ElectricsTalia Hinckley
Richard Bertoldie

Performing Arts Faculty

Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesDr. Charlene Gould
Chair of Performing ArtsDr. Amity Bryson
Director of Performance StudiesMatt Schwader Harbor
Director of Design and Technology
Artist in ResidenceDr. Michalis Koutsoupides
Adjunct FacultyDr. Kelly Morel
Jim Fletcher
Hope Goertzen
Nicole Green
Manon Halliburton
John Livingston
Gene Mackey
Dr. Daniel Morel
Andy Perkins
Kristina Ruf
Shannon Smith-Regnier
William Warren
Alexandra Pilley

Special Acknowledgments

Maintenance and Housekeeping
Office of Advancement
Office of Marketing and Communication
Pattie Robertson
Belinda Troxler and Bob Crow

The director would like to personally say, “special thanks to the Avila Theatre administration for their commitment to safety and excellence. Your work ethic inspires me.”

Director’s Notes

Headshot of William Grey Warren
The Servant of Two Masters Director William Grey Warren

Commedia dell’arte, a popular form of theatre during the 16th to 18th century, relied on stock characters and a bare plot.A comedy where the plot usually revolved around two lovers who can’t get married due to circumstances created by their fathers, in which the action is propelled by a servant, but then they finally get together in the end. Sorry for the spoiler, but this was never in doubt. Professional troupes of the time took that bare plot and made it their own, using their own words and actions (Lazzi’s).

The Servant of Two Masters written by Carlo Goldoni in 1743 is perhaps the most well know commedia dell’arte play.The students have taken a translation, made it their own and updated it to the 60’s.Not only did they research their own stock character from comedia but translated that into a 60’s sitcom along with the language to reflect the time and place, and in so doing, came up with their own brand of commedia dell’arte. They took their lazzi’s to reflect our online life and made this world inhabited by their unique scene, sound, lights, and costume designs.All while keeping the 60’s theme yet reflecting the origins of the piece. Enjoy this zany world.

—William Grey Warren, Director

Headshot of Shannon Smith Regnier
Shannon Smith Regnier
Avila University Adjunct Professor of Theatre/Costume Designer
Headshot of Matt Schwader Harbor
Matt Schwader Harbor
Avila University Director of Performance Studies

Who’s Who

Danielle Adcock

Danielle Adcock (aka Janice) is a first-year musical theatre major at Avila university. Originally from Holton KS, she’s always had an interest in things she saw happening on the stage. She’s acted and wrote in the show “2020’s” and can’t wait to be involved in more!

Ariana Givens
Selma Dina

Ariana is a first year student at Avila. This is her second performance with the Avila theater department. She started the year off with a bang in Harvey and she is now joining her fellow castmates in tackling the Zoom stage. She is overjoyed to get the chance to perform again in such a unique platform. Even though it is strange not being able to meet face to face she is still grateful to be able to see and perform with her fellow Avila thespians again. She would like to give a special thanks to her mom, dad, and her two siblings. They have been her rock this semester and she can’t imagine performing without her family in the audience supporting her.

Tyler Lindquist
Stone Howell / Scenic Designer

Tyler is currently a sophomore at Avila University. For The Servant of Two Masters he is playing the righteous, extremely emotional, and passionate Stone, as well as taking on the role of a flexible and collaborative Scenic Designer with the help of those around him. He knows that it is impossible to completely understand what every single person is going through during this chaotic and unprecedented time. Therefore, he astronomically hopes that everyone stays safe, warm, wears a mask, and enjoys this groovy show that’ll hopefully take you on an adventure and give everyone hope and love for the future. 

Adrianna Wendel
Assistant Stage Manager

Adrianna is a third year studying theatre education here at Avila University. She has previously acted in Twenty20’s, Harvey, As You Like It, War of the Worlds, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, and Talk Radio. She has also been the Scenic Charge Artist for As You Like It and Props Master for Harvey. This is her first time dabbling into the stage management world. She would like to thank her parents for the continued support throughout her career and being her biggest cheerleaders. She hopes you all The Servant of Two Masters. 

Richard Bertoldie
Dr. Glenn Howell

Richard is a sophomore Acting and Directing/Producing Major at Avila University. He has been seen previously in: Harvey, Miss Nelson is Missing!, As You Like It, and War of the Worlds. He is grateful to have worked with such diligent and creative artists. He would like to thank his family for supporting him in this turbulent time, and his friends at Avila for their support and care as well.

Rachel Howard
Diana Raspberry/Scenic Charge Artist

Rachel Howard is a sophomore at Avila University. She is a BFA Acting student and a Psychology minor. She has previously acted in As You Like It, Miss Nelson is Missing, and Twenty20s, all here at Avila. She hopes you enjoy the show and that the bright colors, humour, and hopefulness of our production will provide you a healthy dose of optimism! 

Christian Lucas
Fernando Gomez

Christian Lucas is a junior who transferred this year from Independence Community College. He is an Acting major who enjoys every opportunity to be onstage. His favorite performances include playing Tom in The Glass Menagerie and Peter in Silent Sky. He enjoys photography, music, and video games in his free time. He would like to thank everyone who has helped support him along his journey.

Kaitlyn White
Assistant Costume Designer / Costume Crew

Kaitlyn is a first-year Theatre Design and Technology student at Avila. She has also been Assistant Costume Designer for Twenty20’s and Assistant Stage Manager for Harvey. She is very excited to be building costumes for the first time for The Servant of Two Masters, and can’t wait to learn more. She would like to thank Shannon Reigner (Costume Designer) for teaching her and working with her crazy schedule. 

Isabella Brauner
Toni Taylor

Isabella is a special education and theater double major in her second year. Past Avila performances include Twenty 20’s, Harvey, Miss Nelson Is Missing, As You Like It, and War of the Worlds. She would like to send a huge thank you to Bill, Shannon, Dylan, and the rest of the designers and crew for all their hard work and the hours they put in. She is constantly blown away by the talent and commitment they put forth. Break a leg to her fellow actors, and a toast to the Board of Avila Theatre for their dedication to the department’s success despite hectic times. 

Izaak Kimsey
Assistant Stage Manager

Izaak Kimsey is a senior working on his Bachelor’s in Kinesiology with a minor in Theatre. In his first play, he played Sir Oliver Martex in Shakespeare As You Like It. His second show was designed by the students called Twenty20’s based on true events happening in that year. He is excited to help as assistant stage manager for A Servant of Two Masters. He is also going to be assistant stage manager for the next show Pippin. It is exciting for him to be working behind the scenes. He is excited to be doing theatre during this strange time in our lives.

Tinna Rivera
Stage Manager

Tinna Rivera is a third year studying Technical Theatre. Her passion for theatre began unexpectedly in high school and has grown astronomically as she learns and develops new skills. Tinna was the stage manager for this production. She is incredibly thankful to be back on (back)stage and be immersed in her passion again after so long without it. 

Tinna wants to thank her family for understanding why she never comes home and loving her still. Their constant support and affection make life as a busy college student much more bearable.

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*Board of Trustees


To reserve tickets and receive a Zoom link, please contact our Box Office via telephone at 816.501.3699 or email at

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