Who’s Who

Charlie Anderson

Charlie Anderson is a freshman theatre major concentrating in Acting. Charlie is also the understudy for the character Myra Arundel, and “Hay Fever” is my first production.

Tori Bestor

Tori Bestor is a sophomore at Avila. She is an acting performance major. This is her 4th show at Avila. She was cast in “The Walk” as a trafficked ensemble member. In “Measure for Measure,” she played Friar Thomas, the messenger, and other ensemble roles. In “She Loves Me” she was in the ensemble as well as being a customer.  

Micah Cheek

Micah Cheek is a freshman Acting major here at Avila University. “Hay Fever” will be Micah’s first show at Avila. He plays Richard Greatham and is on the construction/paint crew. He loves the atmosphere of rehearsal and the creativity of his peers. He would like to thank his parents and friends. He’s excited about what’s to come next. 

Gaby Dawn

Gaby Dawn is a junior Acting and Social Work major here. “Hay Fever” is her ninth show at Avila. She plays Myra Arundel and is on the props crew, loving every minute of working with her talented peers. Previously she has been in: “The Imaginary Cuckold” as Gorgibus, “Clue On Stage!” as Mrs. White, “RENT” as an ensemble member, and more. She would like to thank everyone she has worked with thus far in her career for helping and encouraging her to continue to grow! 

Abigail Dearing

Abigail Dearing is a Junior at Avila. She is pursuing her B.F.A in Theatre Design, Tech, and Management. Abigail is the Sound Designer and Sound Board Operator for this production. Some of her previous credits include assistant lighting designer and assistant scenic designer for “She Loves Me,” co-digital media designer for “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,” and assistant lighting designer for “Measure for Measure.” “Hay Fever” is her ninth show at Avila, and she is very excited to participate in future shows.

Gabriella Fast

Gabriella Fast is a senior, She is a Theatre Technology and Management major at Avila University, the main focus being stage management and she is one of the Assistant stage managers for Noël Coward’s “Hay Fever.” She has assisted stage-managed Molière’s “The Imaginary Cuckold” in 2022. Then Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure,” and Joe Masteroff’s “She Loves Me” in 2023 at Avila. She has also Stage Managed “The Inspector General” in 2020 and “Lucky Stiff” both at Allen Community College. She liked to thank Trever Belt for encouraging her through her journey of stage management.

Eleanor Frances

Eleanor Frances is in her third year at Avila. She is a Technical Theater and Designer Major with a minor in Women and Gender Studies and is working on a certificate for Peace and Nonviolence. This is her 9th show here. For “Hay Fever” she is the Props Designer. This is Eleanor’s first solo design. Her past credits have included assistant stage manager for “Sylvia” and “Clue.”  Eleanor’s first stage management position was for “She Loves Me.” For “Imagery Cuckold” she was an assistant lighting designer and run crew. She has been a light board and spotlight opt and has been on the paint crew for many shows. She also co-prop designed for “RENT.”

Miriam Gleeson

Miriam Gleeson is a junior at Avila this year. Her major is Radiologic Science, but her love of theatre keeps her coming back to production involvement. She has worked extensively backstage for “She Loves Me,” “Measure for Measure,” “Clue,” “RENT,” “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime,” and “The Imaginary Cuckold” in the past. She also played several parts in “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime,” was an ensemble soloist in “RENT,”  and had a part in the ensemble in “She Loves Me.” Miriam is very grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the technical aspects of this production and work with the wonderful people in the Avila University Theatre Company. 

Kyle Hammond

This is Kyle Hammond’s fourth semester at Avila. Previously he performed in “Curious Incident of The Dog in the Nighttime,” “CLUE,” “Measure for Measure,” and “She Loves Me.” These last three semesters have truly been an experience like no other with many highs and lows. Thankfully more highs than lows. One thing I am definitely thankful for are the experiences and diverse cast of characters I’ve gotten to know and love like another family.

Kelsey Harms

Kelsey Harms is the Assistant Scenic Designer, and she’s also a part of a few other crews. Kelsey is a Junior majoring in Design and Technology. Previous productions she has worked on include “The Imaginary Cuckold” (2021), “The Curious Incident of The Dog of The Night-Time” (2022), “RENT” (2022), “CLUE” (2022), “Measure for Measure” (2023), and “She Loves Me” (2023). She would like to thank her peers and friends for being there to help her grow as a future theatre-maker! 

Jazmin Havens

Jazmin is a senior, majoring in Musical Theatre with a Dance minor. Last scene in our last season as Mariana in “Measure for Measure,” and Ensemble Soloist in “She Loves Me.” For “Hay Fever” she is not only one of our Head Carpenters, but she is also the utmost enthused to bring to you on stage, the lovely and beloved Judith Bliss. Thank you all for your endless love and support.

Angel Hernandez

Angel Hernandez is a freshman Stage design major. This is her first show with us building the “Hay Fever” set. She also worked with the props and painting department during the play.  She has had a wonderful time working so far, and she is excited for the next play.

Ari Hernandez

Ari Hernandez is a senior at Avila University studying Directing/Producing. She is very excited to be stage managing for the first time and is especially excited that her first time doing it is for this show. Hay Fever has been an absolute blast and Ari feels blessed to have had such a wonderful cast and crew to work with. In the past, Ari has been involved at Avila through assistant directing (Measure for Measure, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, and The Imaginary Cuckold) designing, scenic charging, house managing, and other various crews throughout the years.  

Reese Hill

Reese Hill is a transfer junior Theatre Major with an Acting Concentration at Avila University. For “Hay Fever,” Reese is the understudy for Judith, the house manager, and is on props and wardrobe crew. Her previous credits include the Nurse in “Romeo & Juliet,” Claire in “Proof,” and the Ghost of Christmas Present in “A Christmas Carol.” She wants to thank her amazing family and boyfriend for always supporting her!

Talia Hinckley

Talia Hinckley is a senior at Avila University pursuing her BFA in Theatre Design, Technology, and Management. Talia is the Lighting Designer and Light Board Operator for this production. Some of her previous works at Avila include Stage Manager for Measure for Measure and Clue, and Lighting Designer for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. She also has worked professionally with Heart of America Shakespeare Festival and Kansas City Actors Theatre. She would like to thank everyone involved who made this show possible. She would also like to give a special thanks to Jeannie and Tommie Hutter, for helping her find her place in the theater and grow her love for the art into what it is today.” 

Nathan Hummel

Mr. Hummell emerges from the shadows, an enigma wrapped in the allure of the unknown. With a penchant for secrecy and a mastery of the dramatic arts, Nathan is a name whispered in hushed tones among the theatre’s inner circles. In the depths of darkness, Nathan finds his light, weaving tales of intrigue and suspense with every step onto the stage. Also, he is a freshman at Avila and playing Sandy in “Hay Fever” is his first role here!

Elle Loesch

Elle Loesch is super excited to be in their first show here at Avila. They are currently freshman Musical Theatre majors. They will be playing the part of Clara in “Hay Fever”and are also part of the paint crew and the carpentry crew. Elle would like to thank all the people they have met so far at Avila, as well as their family, and guinea pig Princess Stella. 

Olivia Loren

Olivia is currently a Junior at Avila University. This is the 5th production at Avila she has been a part of, you might have previously seen her as Ilona Ritter in “She Loves Me” last spring. Olivia hopes you enjoy this wonderful comedy! 

Mariah Masterson

Mariah is a first generation freshman at Avila University. She’s a musical theater major and is in the fall play Hay Fever. She plays Jackie Coryton in “Hay Fever”and is enjoying her time hanging out with and acting alongside the talented people in the AUTC. She’d like to thank her grandmother for inspiring her to strive to do something creative and her father for always being in her corner, supporting her and cheering her on.

Zaria Redick

Zaria Redick is a true ray of sunshine, even in the most dramatic of settings. As a freshman at Avila University and a newcomer to the theatrical stage, she brings an infectious positivity and energy to her portrayal of Sorel in Hay Fever.

John Dylon Rohr

John Dylon Rohr is the Assistant Professor of Theatre Design and Technology at Avila University. He received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Scenography from the University of Kansas where he graduated with honors. John also works professionally as a scenic designer in the greater Kansas City area; you can see his upcoming scenic design for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at The White Theatre later this summer, as well as some other professional works coming in the following months. John incorporates a fully digital design approach that utilizes cutting edge technology in the form of digital model-making, rendering, and animation.  

Samantha Reiner

Samantha Reiner is a Junior at Avila University studying technical theatre. Samantha is so honored to be a part of Hay Fever as it is her second time being the Lighting Designer. Her past credits include Lighting Designer for “Clue, On Stage!,” Assistant Costume Designer for “She Loves Me,” and “Measure for Measure.” She would love to thank everyone who was patient and supported her throughout this process and Zack Mckellips for being her best support system. “Go out there and do what you do best Mantha” – Nana

Matt Schwader Harbor

Matt Schwader Harbor is a professor of theatre and the Director of Performance Studies at Avila University. Along with “Hay Fever” he has directed “Measure for Measure,” “The Imaginary Cuckold,” “Twenty20s,” “War of the Worlds,” and “The Diary of Anne Frank,” all for Avila University. A seasoned professional actor since 1998, he has appeared on notable stages, including the Goodman and Chicago Shakespeare theatres, Indiana Repertory Theatre, ACT Theatre of Seattle, and many more. His repertoire spans internationally, from the Royal Shakespeare Theatre to performances in Mozambique. He’s embraced cherished roles, such as Hamlet, Henry V, and Raskolnikov in “Crime and Punishment” during his time as a Core Acting Company member with American Players Theatre. Recent professional highlights include playing Jack in The Old Globe Theatre’s “The Importance of Being Earnest,” Shakespeare in “Shakespeare in Love” at the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival, and directing “The Pests” as well as serving as an artistic board member for Kansas City Actors Theatre. Matt, holds an MFA from the University of Delaware, is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and Actors Equity Association. 

Shannon Smith-Regnier

Shannon Smith-Regnier is a Kansas City based costume Designer and adjunct professor of theatre at Avila University. She received her MFA in Costume Design from Ohio University as well as her BFA from Wichita State University.  She Interned with Martin Pakledinaz on the Broadway revival of “Anything Goes” (2011, NYC). Some KC design credits include: Spinning Tree Theater, Theatre in the Park, Kansas City Regional Theatre, KCAT, Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre, Quality Hill, and the American Heartland Theater. She has also guest designed at Kansas University and Wichita State University. She worked as a stitcher in the costume shop at Glimmerglass Opera for two summers and has also designed and worked in the shop and on wardrobe many summers with Music Theater of Wichita.  In 2011, she received the Zelma Weisfeld award from USITT (US Institute of Theatre Technology) for her costume designs. (www.shannonlynnsmith.com) 

Tucker Rushing

Tucker Rushing plays Simon Bliss in “Hay Fever” and is on the electrics crew. He is a Junior at Avila University pursuing a BFA in Theater with an acting concentration. His previous Productions at Avila include but are not limited to “She Loves Me,” “Measure for Measure,” “RENT,” “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime,” and “The Imaginary Cuckold.” Tucker loves reading poetry, space, and dice. He would like to thank his family and friends as well as David Tennant for being the base for his British Accent despite the fact David Tennant is Scottish.

Ta’ja Snipes

Ta’ja Snipes is a Junior studying, Design Technology & Management at Avila University. This is Ta’ja’s ninth production here at Avila University. For “Hay Fever” Ta’ja was the Scenic Charge Artist, Assistant Technical Director as well a member of the carpentry crew and wardrobe crew. Her previous work includes, the scenic designer for “She Loves Me” (2023), carpentry & paint crew for “Measure For Measure” (2023). As well as the assistant properties designer in, “CLUE” (2022). Ta’ja wants to thank everyone who’s helped her along the way.

Roy Williams

Roy Williams is a Freshman at Avila University and is looking to pursue a career in acting and music. Roy is dedicated to anything that he does or puts his mind to. Roy lives his life according to John 3:16nd Philippians 4:13. He’s been acting on stage since 2 years old. His favorite phrase is “ Love God with All heart, soul, mind and strength .” Roy loves to inspire those who support or hate him. He looks forward to the growing process of the Avila community. Roy is an anointed man of God who feel called to acting/ music because he feels that there are people in the industry looking for answers. He believes that he can point those who are seeking answers to Jesus Christ.

Molly Zagorski

Molly Zagorski is a promising talent on the brink of graduating this December, ready to embark on a journey into the world of theatre education. With a passion for the stage and a commitment to nurturing future generations of performers, Molly’s path is clear and vibrant.

Day Zamora

Day Zamora plays David in “Hay Fever.” As a Senior, they have been in many productions over these three short years. Some of their favorites include Sganarelle in “The Imaginary Cuckold,” Benny in “RENT,” Lucio in “Measure for Measure” and Ladislav Sipos in “She Loves Me.”

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