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Avila Singers at Carnegie Hall

Dr. Amity Bryson, chair of the School of Performing Arts and professor of Music, has been invited to a residency at Carnegie Hall in May 2022.  This invitation was based upon her reputation and international performances including the Internazionale Festivale di Roma (2009 and 2016) as well as the Paris Choral Festival (2019) which included the Outstanding Performance of the Festival earned by University Singers.

To participate in this residency, Dr. Bryson has been recruiting singers since June 2021.  In addition to Avila’s own University Singers, she nominated several two-year colleges, catholic high schools and professional choir members.  Some individual Avila alumni will join the ensemble to sing, but a few will bring their own high school choirs to participate—passing the tradition of excellence on to a future generation.

Each Avila student participating in the ensemble will be required to raise $1545 (plus airfare) to travel to New York City May 24-28, 2022.  This donation site allows family and friends to help individual singers pay electronically, but it also allows others to support our students with a donation. 

Your gift helps the entire ensemble; “there is no ‘I’ in ensemble!” We work together musically to find balance and blend. Your donation allows us to perform as a complete ensemble in this special experience.

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